What is a Naked Wedding Cake & Its Cost?

What is a Naked Wedding Cake & Its Cost?

The sweetness of life can be amplified by adding a tasty cake. Given their importance to the ceremony, the design and construction of wedding cakes have established a distinct subculture within the wedding planning industry. There’s no denying that they have their trends and styles. The naked wedding cake, also known as a dirty wedding cake or an exposed wedding cake, is one such trend that shows no signs of fading away.

What is a Naked Wedding Cake?

A “naked cake,” as the name implies, is one in which the outside frosting has been minimized or omitted altogether. There are Tonnes of filling between the layers, but the exterior frosting has not yet been completed. An increasingly popular wedding trend in the 2010s has been the naked cake. 

The naked cake has been used in over 2.5 million Instagram posts and has generated over 80 million (!!!) search results on Google. Semi-naked cakes, the formal counterpart, are also on the rise. Some of the cake’s layers should be visible through the frosting, as in a “semi-naked” wedding cake.

Why a naked wedding cake is the best choice

You could be asking what the advantages of a nude wedding cake are. Check out a few of the features that set these cakes apart:

Very Easy to Decorate

Especially if you’re making your cake, decorating a nude wedding cake should be a breeze. It’s not uncommon for those who aren’t confident in their frosting abilities to choose a bare cake instead. The deliciousness of the sponge cake will be enhanced by carefully stacking it and filling it. 

However, a thin layer of frosting is all that’s needed on the cake. Layers can be used as a base for additional embellishments. Options like fresh fruit and flowers are always welcome, but your creativity is the only real constraint.

Traditional Appeal

Naked cakes are difficult to recreate due to their unique texture and design. They have an air of antiquity about them, like wedding cakes from the period when grandmothers baked them. A naked wedding cake can be the cherry on top of a beautiful outdoor or backyard ceremony.

Inviting a Peek at the Delicious Filling and Layers

The decadent filling of a cake is often the focal point for a wedding reception. An unfrosted cake is the best choice for this purpose. In this case, the cake’s absence of icing highlights and improves the flavor and presentation of the cake’s filling.

Superb for Outdoor Weddings in the Summer

It’s perfect for a summer wedding to have a naked cake. The filling and cream will begin to melt at a higher temperature. A delightfully moist cake is the result. However, depending on the local environment, you should be wary about the filling you use.

Can you give me an estimate for a naked wedding cake?

The going rate for a wedding cake in India is approximately Rs.20,000/- ($350). Expensive options with numerous tiers and customized features might cost up to Rs.60,000/- ($1,000). Since elaborate icing and buttercream layers aren’t included in Naked wedding cakes, the price can be significantly reduced. Most of them are meant to have a casual air. Thus, they do not necessitate as much precision. However, practice is necessary, as novices risk missing out on the aesthetic.

Know that a naked wedding cake will dry out rapidly before making your final decision because they lack icing. Several precautions can be taken to ensure this never happens again. Use a simple sugar syrup or liquor and brush it on them. Alternatively, you might add some liquid to the stuffing. An expert baker will avoid mishaps with your pre-wedding cake by employing these techniques. A naked cake’s success depends on a trained expert’s expertise. In reality, it’s a lot of work to keep up and decorate, despite its deceptive appearance. 

Many question whether or not the popularity of nude wedding cakes can be sustained. Predicting the outcome is like predicting the weather. But what’s very evident is that this trend isn’t likely to be a fad. More and more engaged couples are searching for a wedding cake that reflects and emphasizes their tastes. In light of this, the naked wedding cake will continue to be a popular option, even if it doesn’t completely replace the traditional cake.


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