Consider starting preschool in November instead of January

Starting preschool

Starting kindy a few months earlier could make a world of difference to your child and decrease your level of stress and anxiety! Read on to find out how Starting preschool

It’s going to be time for your child to join preschool in January and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you are both excited and anxious at the same time. You want your child to mingle with the other children, make friends, learn their alphabets, Starting preschool  numbers and most of all enjoy themselves! But then you end up thinking about everything that could go wrong, and your bubble pops! Starting preschool

What if your child can’t cope up with the new atmosphere? Oh, the ceaseless crying and the painful goodbyes that you have to go through. After all, separation anxiety is a tough experience for every child, and this is going to be even worse in a room full of weeping toddlers come January!


Not to forget the entire period of preparation that goes into getting your child ready for preschool.

Backpack, lunch box, social skills, potty training, planning playdates, and practising being away from each other are few of the many priorities on the to-do list of every parent. And above all, you need to set up your schedule, get organised and shift your routine to ensure you can meet all the unforeseen hurdles that may come your way.

The first few weeks of preschool is like a rollercoaster ride for every parent and child until both sides learn adjust to the new routine and get a hang of things. As such, why not get the adjustment period out of the way before January even comes along?

Keeping in mind that preschool is the beginning of a new phase in your child’s life, joining a preschool early can be a good idea on many levels. Here are some of the reasons why:

An extra month to cope


Avoid the last-minute drama by giving your child an extra month to fit into the new set-up and get acquainted with their surroundings. It gives you some extra time to relax and help your child adapt without worrying about keeping pace with the other children. Not only that, but it also provides a window to coach him step-by-step about school, paving the way for a smoother transition period.

Your child will get extra care, attention

By starting a month early, children have the opportunity to join an existing class. They get extra attention and care from the teacher who now has the time and space to give your child all the TLC they need, and make friends with other children who are already used to school. This will go a long way in easing their nervousness and help them overcome their shyness. It’s also not so stressful for the teachers and leads to an overall good experience for the child.

Avoid the back to school rush

Adjusting to a new routine is not only difficult for the kids but also for the parents who have to constantly put effort in ensuring the little one has everything he needs. Joining preschool early gives you an opportunity to ward off the stress and enjoy the learning journey with your child. And if you are the parent of many children, your toddler’s shoes, bags and books can be sorted a whole month earlier before big brother and sister have to be dealt with. That’s definitely a solution to having to buy multiple everything at the same time!


It helps your child become more confident

Imagine the first day of school in January, when there are at least ten children crying and feeling alienated in the new environment they have been placed in. Your child who has already been in school for a month can now be the old pro, confident enough to take up a leadership role and help the new kids settle in. This will help them gain more confidence and promote the development of social skills in the process.

You have time to find another preschool

Starting early gives you, the parent greater leeway to get it right. You have more time to see if the learning environment meets the individual needs of your child. In case it doesn’t, you do not need to panic as you have extra time to find another preschool that suits them better. The children’s house welcomes children to join our classrooms in November and December, before the new school year starts. You can do so by coming for a school tour.

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