Udaariyaan 12th April 2022 Written Update Fateh hurts Tejo

Udaariyaan 12th April 2022 Written Update Fateh hurts Tejo

Tejo confronts Kushbeer, expressing surprise at Rupy’s unexpected entry into the elections. She emphasizes her inability to pick sides and genuinely wishes success for the deserving candidate. In another corner of the narrative, Jasmine, concerned about Teji’s emotional state, implores Fateh to extend an apology.

Fateh, seemingly affected by the plea, approaches Tejk, accusing her of revealing her true colors, and sternly instructs her to distance herself. Teji, hurt by the encounter, leaves the scene.

Adding another layer to the unfolding drama, Teji misplaces her ID card, leading Angad to suggest checking CCTV footage for clues. The footage reveals Jasmine entering Fateh’s tent, sparking suspicions.

Angad offers a plausible explanation, suggesting a possible mix-up with Amrik, but Tejo remains unconvinced. Fateh, grappling with remorse, decides to apologize to Tejo, initiating a message exchange that culminates in a meeting.

Meanwhile, Angad, observing Tejo’s departure, follows her discreetly. The tension escalates when Fateh and Angad clash over an undisclosed issue.

In a separate encounter, Teji questions Fateh about his association with Jasmine, probing his intentions. Fateh, frustrated, asserts his innocence, citing his troubled past and urges Teji to empathize with his perspective.

Fateh, on the verge of apologizing, finds himself entangled in a physical altercation with Angad. Tejo, witnessing the chaos, becomes angered and distances herself from Fateh, siding with Angad.

As fate would have it, during the commotion, Fateh’s pendrive and Tejo’s bag fall to the ground. Angad retrieves and plays the pen drive, revealing an intimate moment between Fateh and Teji, leaving everyone shocked.

The intricacies of relationships, misunderstandings, and emotional turbulence unfold in this gripping narrative. Stay tuned for more updates on SerialGossip.com, where the drama continues to unravel, shaping the destinies of our characters.


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