Olivia Dunne Flaunts Her Close Bond with Fellow LSU Gymnast Sierra Ballard

Olivia Dunne Flaunts Her Close Bond with Fellow LSU Gymnast Sierra Ballard

In recent news, Olivia Dunne proudly showcases her strong connection with LSU gymnast Sierra Ballard. The camaraderie between TikTok sensation Olivia Dunne and Sierra Ballard, both in their Junior year, has flourished through their participation in the LSU Gymnastics Accelerator program and as members of the LSU Tigers gymnastics team. A recent Snapchat story shared by Olivia Dunne captured a playful moment where Sierra Ballard affectionately dubbed her “The Grinch.” The atmosphere was filled with joy as the two, along with friends Sav Schoenherr, Alena Arenas, and Chase Brock, exuded elegance during the gathering.

Olivia Dunne, a prominent figure in the NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) community and a gymnast representing LSU, showcased her style in a white miniskirt paired with a red top, later switching to a pair of striped pants. Leveraging her achievements, Dunne inspires her fellow Tigers and expressed her excitement for the unique opportunities provided by NIL. With a social media following exceeding 15 million, Olivia Dunne’s impact in the NIL market has garnered national recognition.

Valued at an estimated $3.5 million, Dunne’s influence extends beyond personal endeavors. She is thrilled for the opportunity to make her final year at LSU the best yet, marking unprecedented territory for LSU gymnastics. In addition to her individual accomplishments, Olivia Dunne and Paul Skenes, since disclosing their relationship, consistently captivate fans with charming updates.

This dynamic couple frequently shares moments with their followers and was recently seen together at a party. However, Olivia Dunne hinted at choosing a different Santa for Christmas in a Snapchat post featuring herself and fellow LSU gymnast Chase Brock. Referring to Brock as her “Santa” in the caption, Dunne playfully teased the possibility of a chilly Christmas for Skenes. Notably, Dunne and Brock, teammates at LSU, share a close friendship, and Brock earned a spot on the 2022 SEC Academic Honor Roll for his impressive vault performance.


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