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WATCH: Jason Donovan Kebab Van Bristol Photos and Videos Viral On Twitter and YouTube

WATCH: Jason Donovan Kebab Van Bristol Photos and Videos Viral On Twitter and YouTube: The legendary kebab van of Bristol with a Neighbours-inspired name made it onto the small screen on Saturday (5th March 2022). Featuring in a segment on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway the late-night meals van, which is a staple in Bristol, might have only been on the television screen shortly but left a lasting impression on watchers, in part thanks to the huge crowd that had collected. But it was what came after that stunned the Bristol crowd the watchers at the house, the team in the studio, and the staff operating the van in the city-Jason Donovan finally got to visit (and eat at) the Jason Donavan. Follow More Update On

Jason Donovan Kebab Van

Jason Donovan Kebab Van Bristol

The first short appearance of the van on the ITV Saturday night show watched the ma***ive Bristol crowd cheering and waving behind presenter Andi Peters, who has been traveling the breadth and length of the United Kingdom to visit “punny” food vans, the crowd surely did Jason and Bristol Donervan justice.

Jason Donovan Kebab Van

In between giving onlookers competition instructions, the owner of Jason Donavan and Andi Peters exchanged a number of witticisms, with the latter informing Andi: “I was promised I had to get to meet Ant & Dec”, to which Andi replied, “I was promised I had to get to meet a soapstar.” Andi then asked the group at the Jason Donavan if its namesake Jason Donavan (the Neighbours star) had ever visited and when they stated “no”, he spoke to the camcorder and called on Jason to come and get a kebab to eat” literally with your name on it”.

Jason Donovan Kebab Van Photos and Videos

The show of Ant & Dec continued in the studio until, at around 08:15 PM, the camcorder flashed back to Andi Peters in Bristol, and to surprise everyone, Jason Donovan appeared from the crowd in order to grab the takeaway from the Bristol legend, calling it “pretty special”. Those among the crowd stated that nobody knew he was coming and when shooting was done, Jason posed for pictures with the Jason Donovan team prior to leaving in a limo.

In the studio, Paloma Faith remarked that Jason Donovan dining from a Donervan was “high-quality entertainment” and now the Bristol restaurant can brag that 2 Jasons have met Jason Donervan and Jason Donovan. We would not be surprised if there is a new picture hanging up in the Jason Donervan by this time tomorrow.


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