Top 10 World Most Interesting Facts

Top 10 World Most Interesting Facts | Shocking Facts About World

Hello friends, my name is Sidra Malik and you are On Friends, as you know, we bring you something new every day to have a good time. So you have a good time So today I will tell you about the amazing things that you will be surprised to read. You may not believe but it is all true. Our topic today is Top 10 World Most Interesting Facts | Shocking Facts About World.

Top 10 World Most Interesting Facts | Shocking Facts About World

Bird Choul Shopping Mall

Friends, you must have gone to the mart at some time. And he must have gone there and taken his shopping cart. In which the goods will also be kept. But now South Korea’s first bird-opening shopping mall in modern times has opened. Very modern technology has been used in this mall.

This is the biggest thing in the mall, you do not have to go there and pick up the goods. This mall has photos of the goods instead of original things. Which kept clicking and those things kept adding in your account. and then when you are done your complete shopping then you have to go to the counter and tell your account number. And you get all those things, and you just have to pick up the stuff.

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Sawis Bank

Do you know guys? Corrupt people keep all their money in the Swiss bank. You know that Swiss Bank is the worst bank in the world. So for this reason people of the world keep their money in this service bank. Why is this a role of this bank, it does not reveal any person’s account to anyone. Even the people who work there don’t even know what his account is.

Wall of bones

Friends, you must have seen strange walls in your life. But we have never heard of the wall you are being told today. A few days ago, a wall made of human bones has been installed in the Belgian church. You must be feeling very strange to hear this, but according to the media, this wall is in order of selective bones.

Most of the bones in this wall include the strong bones of the thighs and shins. While some reconnaissance has also found complete structures from this wall.

C Mammals do not drink water

Friends, these C Mammals are meant to be dolphin and not drink water. Yes friends, you read it right. C Mammalas do not drink water. Now you must be thinking that These do not drink water even in Halti Howe? This is because those who eat their food have a breaking process inside their stomach. With its help, water comes out of their food. Which satisfy their thirst for water.

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Mirror House

Friends, you must be fond of living in the Mirror House. This house is made by very few people.If someone wants to live in the forest, then those people feel like a mirror house to live in the forest. And that Mirror House is something that Sir Wilster sees in it. Meaning that there should be no one there, nor is he alone.

World Most Interesting Facts | Reality Facts In Urdu/Hindi

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