How to write an essay about a book

How to write an essay about a book
Written by Ladla Baloch

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A review is a written report about a book, film, song, short story or any other creative work. The review describes the general quality of the work, revealing its strengths or weaknesses. To make writing a review easier, use the 5-paragraph review method.

Identify the work about which you have written a review

 For example, the book. Give its title, the author’s name, and a short description of what it is about. The beginning must be composed in such a way that the reader is not bored. Start him off with your initial assertion, so that he became interested in further reading. The more interesting your introduction is, the more likely your review will be read to the end.

Get the gist of your arguments in the following three paragraphs

Use an analytic approach to develop your ideas. For example, to what extent the author was able to convey the main idea of the work? Sometimes in each paragraph you can give an individual part of the work. Use quotations to support your arguments. Try to make one point in each paragraph. If you have more solid arguments, it is better to add a few more paragraphs.

Write your conclusions

Put together everything you wrote in your review. You may do this by expressing your general impression of the book or film.

Extra tips for a good essay

  • Before you begin to write, make notes in the form of looking at/reading the subject of the review. Don’t forget to indicate how you feel about this or that moment. What was the first impression? What was your opinion after a deeper analysis? What led you to your conclusions?
  • Try not to use the first or second person (me, my, you, you, yours). Try to express your opinion in such a way that it expresses a more independent approach.

Literary criticism, sometimes also called literary analysis or literary criticism, is a study of a certain literary work. The scope of critical analysis of literature is reduced to the examination of one aspect of the work or the work as a whole, and includes a division of the literary work to the individual components, as well as an assessment of how they are interconnected to achieve the goals of the literary work. Critical analysis of literary works is often carried out by students, scientists and literary critics, but everyone can learn how to perform a critical analysis of literature, following the following criteria.

Read the literary work that you plan to critically analyze.

Pay special attention to the meaning of the title, which will lead you to the main idea of the book. In addition, do not forget to pay attention to and reread those words and gestures in the text that you could not understand.

Study the components of the essay about book

  • Plot. The storyline of a literary work is meant. The plot may be an abstraction, a psychological journey, or simply the events line. 
  • The place of action and the time frame. Assess how the choice of place of action and time frame of the story affect the theme of the work and its mood. 
  • Characters. Explore the differences between the main and secondary characters and identify their meaning and meta in the work. Pay special attention to the line of the main character’s behavior throughout the entire work (i.e., how the character changes, what influences he or she encounters and so on).
  • The development of the action, the culmination and the story. These elements are part of the plot, but should be considered separately, as their place in the development of the storyline is a key factor that contributes to the transfer of the main message of the work laid down by the author.
  • Subject. Identify what the author is trying to convey in his work and what it has to say about human nature. Point of View. Consider in whose name the story is told and how it contributes to the disclosure of the message of the work.

Form an interpretation of your critical analysis, taking into account all the works

Take note of what you think about the intended meaning of the author and how well you think the author succeeded in conveying it.

Give your interpretation

  • Use specific examples from the text of the work and additional material from external sources to back up your points. 
  • Find creative examples for the benefit of your version of interpretation described in the critical analysis. Refer to examples of repetition in the text and metaphors. 
  • Highlight the symbolism of a literary work and explain how it appears to benefit your interpretation. 
  • Include quotations and citations from the work in your critique as evidence for your critique. 
  • Use additional arguments from other literary analyses.

More hacks for your essay

  • If you feel that you do not have a full understanding of the listed components of the work after the first reading, reread it again, but take these components into account before you begin to analyze it. 
  • Make sure that instead of a critical analysis, you don’t create a piece of work. Your work consists of evaluating the meaning of the work, not of scribbling on its plot. 
  • You should consider how the methods the author used when writing the work influenced the general content of the text.
  • Summarize your interpretation, using the thesis for a short statement – the aim of your critical analysis is to confirm these theses.

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