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The Story Of An Ominous Mummy | Horror Stories in English, Horror Stories to Read

The story of an ominous mummy The story of an ominous mummy who took the jinn of thousands of people even after her death See what happened to this slave girl who killed people even after her death Are?

Pharaoh Egypt’s mysterious slave girl who took the lives of thousands of people even after her death

Hello friends, peace be upon you! Enough friends must know information about ancient Egypt. Because day after day new dramas and movies are made on them. It is shown on the screen that when one of them dies, his body is wrapped in white stripes and given the shape of a mummy. The stone was enclosed in tombs.

And there was no answer to his skill in this work. Even in today’s technological age, scientists are reluctant to make mummies like these. If found thousands of years later, I would be in the same condition. Quite a celebrity mummy has been discovered in other eras.

The distinction of which has gained such a fame that no living human being has ever done. Of these, mummies from the time of Pharaoh and Prophet Moses have also been discovered. But in today’s topic, the absolute mummy we are going to tell you about is placed at the top of the list of today’s most famous and ominous mummies.

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Because this mummy is also responsible for many deaths along with accidents. After all, who was this mummy who took the lives of so many people even after his death? So before you know it, be sure to subscribe to our website so that you can stay connected to our website to enjoy every new topic. So let’s move on to our topic.

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Pharaoh Egypt’s mysterious slave girl who took the lives of thousands even after her death!

So friends, the mummy we’re going to talk about is actually an Egyptian woman. Whose name was Amantoto. Experts from his mummy estimate that he died about 3,000 to 4,000 years ago today. This woman worked as a slave in the temple of a famous Egyptian priest. She was a very beautiful woman and people admired her beauty as well as her intelligence.

Because the science of black magic was also on the rise at that time, so he also learned black magic from his many teachers and would become a magician of black knowledge. At that time, on the orders of Pharaoh, black magicians performed black rituals with their master (who was the pandit of this temple).

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Including human sacrifice. In addition, experts later discovered that the witch had become so powerful that she could predict what would happen tomorrow. At the time of the death of Amanro Pandit and his special disciple, Amantoto, the Pharaoh of that time had his royal body locked in a coffin.

In order to protect their souls, terrible and first-class intense black magic was also used on their coffins. For a long time it remained buried underground. But then came the time when, in the last days of Queen Victoria’s reign, a British nobleman went hunting with his friends on the Nile River. Someone there told him that a few days ago the Arabs had found a coffin. The story of an ominous mummy.

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Which he can easily buy. That will be a lot of work. When Dostoyevsky arrived to see the coffin, experts told him that inside the coffin was the body of a certain slave girl from the temple of Amanro. There were also some shapes on top of this coffin.

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Which still existed in its original state thousands of years later. But the interesting thing was that Mimi was not inside the coffin. It so happened that the people there had set fire to the coffin for some special reason. This happened when the rich people of Egypt used to buy strange things there and use them as decorations in their homes.

Although Douglas had no interest in such things, he felt a strange kind of attraction to the coffin. Which is why he bought it even though he didn’t want to.

When Daglis bought it, the coffin was kept in a hotel in Qira. Where Daglis’s friends liked him and praised his coffin. Daghlis was so impressed by the compliments of his friends that he started buying such equipment for his own flattery. But a few days after the arrival of the coffin, Daghlis went hunting and his gun exploded in his hand.

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One of his friends died on the way back to England due to an unknown illness. He was forced to throw his body into the sea .When Daglis’s ship reached the desert, all his valuables he had brought from Egypt were stolen. Except for the coffin of Amantoto. When Daghlis reached home, he became restless and ill for no reason. After that, whenever he approached her, he would see his blood clotting in her veins. Friends, this has been the case with Daghlis for a long time

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