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Cook With Comali Season 3 Latest Episode Olunga Paadu Illa Spray Adichiduven” Round Begins

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Hey peers, finally your patience is going to over as the 13th February 2022 episode of your favourite cooking reality “Cook with Comali Season 3” is set to broadcast. Yes, you heard right, the coming broadcasting is bringing such an incredible twist and turns while providing you with the best cooking recipes, which you all were eagerly waiting for. So just make your television screens ready because only a few hours are left and the show will be on-air. So below we have mentioned such pieces of vital information that will be enough for you to get a glimpse of recent activities.

Cook With Comali Season 3

The coming episode begins, where host Makapa comes on the stage and makes an announcement that Priyanka will be the guest of the show, and make her feel overwhelmed through the warm welcome, everyone gets shocked to see her because nothing was predicted. But her die-hard supporter’s happiness hit the bricks up to the extent, that no one would like to miss the chance to watch their favourite one on the Television through a reality show. So, therefore, everyone is keeping their eyes on each action of the makers, because yet a few moments are left and no one knows what will happen the next.

Cook With Comali Season 3

It is being speculated, that a few contestants of the Bigg Boss will come to grace the show through their, amazing presence and will entertain their admirers, who were waiting for a long to watch them. Including this, the winner of the last season of Bigg Boss will also come in front of them to play the task along with those contestants who are competing against the opponent team. Meanwhile, the host will announce the funniest challenge called “Olunga Paadu Illa Spray Adichiduven” where you will bless with incredible entertainment.

So the makers have released promos of the coming episode as well through which, you could get a glimpse of those activities which are going to take place in the recent episode. Seldom a month pa***ed of starting it and despite this, the show has managed the secure space on the top TRP rating list. Because weekly the show is providing the best entertainment to their audience, and this is the reason no one would like to miss even a single episode of the show. So just be ready to catch it at the correct schedule, and for more updates stay connected with us.

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