ZONG 4G Packages Details

If you live in Pakistan, you will definitely need information about mobile phone packages. Living without mobiles is now becoming very difficult. Even the smallest tasks of life are now done with the help of mobile phones. When we have a mobile with the internet,

our expenses go up. But our old family members and kids have never need internet mobiles so, a simple GSM mobile is enough for them. A GSM mobile phone expenses are very low because we have just need to activate the call and messages services on it.

In Pakistan, there are four mobile networks but here I will show you about Zong mobile phone network. This network is mostly famous because of its cheapest internet packages.

When we buy a new Zong SIM Card we always need its basic codes like its balance check codes, packages and offers subscription and checking codes, etc. A new user always searches on the internet about Zong Internet Packages when he/she needs them.

Daily Time Offer by Zong 4G

Users can get net packages by dialing *6464# but here are few packages that are available only for prepaid users. Zong’s most famous internet package is the Daily internet package which is called DTO.

This package price is Rs.18 and when we want to activate this package we always need to pay extra charges because of Govt taxes. So, to activate the Daily time Offer on our Zong SIM we need to recharge the balance of Rs.23 PKR. The subscription code of this package is *47#.

Zong Whatsapp Package

Another most famous package is Zong monthly Whatsapp package. This package is valid for all prepaid and MBB device users.

Once the package is subscribed the users can use Whatsapp for 30 days. Zong provides 5000MB to use unlimited Whatsapp for all month on 3G and 4G mobile phones.

You can talk with your friends and family using this package. Customers who use Whatsapp business can meet to their customers, can get orders in cheapest price internet package.

Zong always provides the latest telecom packages to its customers so that they can enjoy all services like voice calls, text messages, and the internet. If you are new and you are looking for basic information then check this.

Zong Basic Short Codes

  • Zong Balance Check Code: Dial *222# for balance inquiry
  • Zong Remaining Package Check Code: Dial *102# and reply with 1-4
  • Helpline Number: For Zong Users Dial 310
  • Website: Zong.com.pk

I hope that this information will help you to use Zong SIM. You can also use the My ZONG app to check the account information, Packages activation, Packages details, and remaining offer check. Please call at 310 for more information about your Zong SIM.

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