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Model sentenced to 5 years in prison for spreading obscenity

Written by George Isla

The young model was convicted in Yemen of spreading obscenity.

According to foreign media, Houthi forces detained 20-year-old model Intisar al-Hamadi in February and charged her with spreading obscenity.

According to media reports, the Houthis have sentenced Intisar al-Hamadi to five years in prison for spreading obscenity, while three other women have been sentenced along with him.

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According to media reports, a case was filed against the model in a Sanaa city court in which she was convicted of spreading obscenity and possession of drugs.

Along with Intisar al-Hamadi, three women have been sentenced to five years in prison and others to three years in prison.

Reacting to the ruling, the Yemeni government’s information minister called it an example of Houthi crimes against Yemeni women.

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