Why Was William Patrick Mitchell Arrested? Is He Still In Jail? Charges Update

Why Was William Patrick Mitchell Arrested

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Why Was William Patrick Mitchell Arrested

In the distant rural home of Karen MacKenzie and her three children, Daniel, Amara, and Katrina, in Greenough, Western Australia, the Greenough Family Massacre took place on February 21, 1993. Farmworker William Patrick “Bill” Mitchell, a friend of MacKenzie’s, murdered them. Details of the killings were kept from the public because they were believed to be too graphic and horrifying. The incident has been considered as one of Western Australia’s worst crimes. Due to how awful the case was, cries for the death penalty to be reinstated could be heard echoing throughout the State. Police and forensics combed the crime site for clues, but it would be a discouraging five weeks before they were able to apprehend Karen MacKenzie’s companion, farmhand Bill Mitchell.

Why Was William Patrick Mitchell Arrested?

Driving by the tiny village makes it difficult to avoid thinking about the incredible catastrophe that took place more than ten years ago. On that February in 1993, no one was ready for the horrors that awaited the cops. Police and forensics combed the crime scene for evidence, it would be a discouraging five weeks before Mitchell, a farmhand, was apprehended. Patrick denied being aware of the crime when he was brought in for questioning. The killer didn’t eventually confess until after he tried to injure himself and was brought to the hospital. The killer’s hand lotion was crucial evidence connecting Mitchell to the crime.

A psychic by the name of Gabrielle claims she helped with the investigation, precisely characterized the murderer, and even provided his name and residence, despite denials from the police and family. At the age of 24, Patrick was found guilty of the murders and given four concurrent life sentences with a 20-year non-parole period. According to the crime investigation program Crime Investigation Australia, a court decided to keep secret the precise way Daniel, Amara, and Katrina were slain. For further information stay tuned with Dekh news.

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