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The curvy model Tyger who appeared in Tyga’s famous Song called “Taste” was found dead. The famous and curvy model on Instagram who goes online by her username @iamtyger has been found dead and her death news has shaken up lakhs of people and everyone today is delivering tributes and mourning her death. Well, there is no doubt that she was one of the cutest personalities on Instagram and her death news has hit lakhs of people like a ton of bricks. If you are one of those who is sad after the news and now keen to know her death cause so be here till the end.

Tyger Booty

Reports have said that Tyger Booty whose real name is Julie recently died in Ghana when she was on a vacation with a wealthy guy. As per the sources, the American influencer was allegedly flown to Accra, Ghana along with a wealthy man for the holiday season and suddenly found dead in her hotel room. Undoubtedly this is the saddest news of the day and the saddest thing is that her death cause is yet to be revealed and everyone online is only a***uming scenarios that what can be her death cause some of them are even saying that perhaps she died of an overdose but the reality is yet to be unveiled and the case is becoming a mystery now.

Who Was Tyger Booty?

Well, there is no doubt that she was famous for her curves and this is the main thing that puts the icing on the cake in the terms of her fame and this is the girl whose twerks were seen in Tyga’s famous song “Taste’. Now, when it comes to talking about her name that how did she get it. So, Tyger Booty is the one who has or better say had a Tiger’s tattoo on her butts and this is what she was prominently known for. Another thing that the lady was adorable so she mostly uses to please her audience by twerking all the time with the help of her tiger which is always loved by netizens.

Now, people are keen to know about her death cause. So, so far the only thing that we know is, she was on a holiday trip with a businessman from Africa, and the man is surrounded by a lot of questions. However, who was he, with whom Tyger Booty was roaming, what happened to Tyger Booty is remains a mystery but we are trying harder to get all the updates for you so stay tuned with us.

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