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In recent news, a senior diplomat Richard Morris body has been found hanging on a tree. As per reports, the 52-year-old was suffering from extreme stress after the cases he had been working on including the Harry Dunn case and the ongoing virus crisis. It is reported that Richard disappeared while jogging near his residence in Hampshire in 2020. The news has got everyone shocked as it is saddening to learn about the diplomat tragic death. After he had vanished while running near his home, police had begun their investigation. Now, months later, his dead body has been found.

Richard Morris

After Richard Morris dead body was found by the authorities, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab disclosed the news to staff and described him as an “outstanding diplomat” who had served his country with dedication and distinction. It was added that they have got the tragic news that the authorities have found the lifeless body of their much-liked colleague Richard. Raab had further said that he is deeply saddened by his unfortunate death and that his heart goes out to his family including his wife and his three children. Raab stated that Richard was an outstanding diplomat and a well-liked colleague.

Who Was Richard Morris?

Born on November 1, 1967, in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, Richard Morris went to Droitwich Spa High School. He attended Aberystwyth University where he got his BA Hons Degree in English Literature. Morris further went to Aston University from where he received an MBA degree. Later, he worked for the management consultancy Touche Ross. However, it was contract based work. In 1992, Richard tied the knot with Alison Waring. The couple shares three children.

As per reports, Morris was working long hours to coordinate briefings to ministers when the UK government first started battling the pandemic. He was also a***ociated with the Harry Dunn case where the teenager was pruned down by Anne Saccolas near RAF Croughton. Richard’s wife claimed that her husband was afraid that he did not have enough time to process information. Alison said that she told him that he was not responsible for the virus.

It was also added that Morris always wanted to stay on top and had no real time off. Morris was seen for the last time on May 6, 2020, and now, three months later, his body is found hanging from a tree. Further investigation in Richard Morris case is currently ongoing. Our prayers go out to his family and friends. Follow our site for more such updates and worldwide news.

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