Who Was Meera? Composer-Actor Vijay Antony’s 16-Year-Old Daughter Meera Dies By Suicide

Who Was Meera

The shocking news is coming that the Tamil composer and actor Vijay Antony’s daughter passed away after committing suicide. His daughter’s name was Meer and she was 16 years old at the time of her passing. In this article, we are going to talk about Vijay Antony and his daughter Meera. His daughter’s suicide news left the whole social media sensation in shock. Currenlty, this news is on the top of the social media headlines. His fans want to know the cause of the death of his daughter. Why did she take this big step and end her life? Let’s talk about this in detail.

Who Was Meera

Vijay Antony is a famous Indian music composer, actor, and playback singer. He mainly works in Tamil movies. Born on July 24, 1975. He made his first debut in 2005 as a music composer. Further, not only this he won the award for his first Indian Music Director in 2009 Cannes Golden Lion for the song Naaka Mukka. The Naaka Mukka song was played at the 2011 Cricketer World Cup. He made his first debut film Naan in 2012. He is mostly known for his excellent cation and action thriller films. Currently. he is 48 years old. Swipe up the page to know more in detail.

Who Was Meera?

The Tamil Composer and actor Vijay Antony is on a very difficult time after losing his loving daughter. As earlier mentioned Vijay’s daughter Meera passed away after committing suicide. Meera was 16 years old at the time of her passing. Her dead body was discovered at her residence. The incident happened on September 19, 2023. After, committing suicide, Meera was rushed to a private hospital but after so many efforts and treatment, she could not survive. She was found hanging at her Chennai residence. We mourn the loss of such a precious life Meera.

After, the investigation it was found that Meera was suffering from depression. And the treatment was ongoing for the same. She took this big step after suffering from pressure. Meera was found dead at the Vijay Antony’s residence around 3 a.m. There is no more information has been revealed yet. The actor and his family are going through a tough time after the passing of Meera. The girl was battling depression. There 7% of people lost their lives out of 10% after battling depression and anxiety. People are sharing condolences and expressing sorrow for Vijay’s family. May her soul rest in peace. Keep following Dekh News for more viral news.

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