Who is Xu Zhihui? China Cat in a Blender Video Full Original Footage Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit

Who is Xu Zhihui?

Recently, an extremely disturbing video of a person putting a cat in a blender has gone viral on all social media platforms including Twitter and Reddit. His name is on trend on every social media and getting a lot of attention after the viral part 2 of a cat in a blender video. Internet users have been responding to the film as it circulated online and creating a huge controversy. Twitter and Reddit users want to know who is Xu Zhihui. Why his name is on every social media platform? if you want to know in detail so continue with this page till the end read the full article.

Who is Xu Zhihui?

According to the sources, after the original culprit behind the ” cat in a blender” clip was arrested, another video was posted on May 8, 2023. After, the arrest of the original culprit, a group of Chinese animal abusers has bully to put more cats in blenders. After, watching part of 2 of the Cat in a Blender video a man’s name is going viral on social media who is Xu Zhiui. Xu Zhiui is a Chinese citizen. A video is viral in which a man tortured a cat by putting him in a blender. A live stream event video went viral in which a group of Chinese animal abusers said they will kill more cats.

Who is Xu Zhihui?

According to the sources, Xu Zhihui is a food blogger. He was arrested by the police. He is a Chinese food, blogger. He tortured an innocent cat by putting him in a blender. People share strong reactions after watching this video on Tik Tok and as well as on Twitter. The Chinese police arrest the food blogger who shared a cat in a blender video on Twitter and Reddit. But it is still not confirmed that the police arrest him. There is no official report of the arrest. many people expressed outrage over the video and their inability to comprehend why would intentionally harm innocent animals.

As per reports, the who is food blogger is from Anhui. He is a very famous food blogger in China. His name is Xu Zhihui. He is a food blogger. You can see his food videos on Chinese apps like Bilinili and Weibo. Recently, he is in police custody. He was arrested for posting sensitive content online in which a cat in a blender is included. After, the arrest of the food blogger, a group of animal abusers from Chine threatened to repeat the incident. Cat abuse in China is a major phenomenon. If we get any other information regarding this news we will update on the same site.

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