Who Is Paul Stanley Schmidt Wife To Be Ashley Umali?

Who is Paul Stanley Schmidt wife to be Ashley Umali is a question that has been popping up in everyone’s mind since the video of his tragic stabbing surfaced on social media. 

A stranger outside Starbucks brutally stabbed Paul on Sunday after a brief altercation. Ashley Umali, Paul’s fiancee, and his three-year-old daughter, Erica, witnessed the horrifying tragedy. 

Umali stood there helpless while her fiancee was spending his final moments drenched in blood and lying lifelessly on the floor. 

Her agony and devastation reached a new height when people gathered around the crime scene just to film it. 

No one stepped forward to lend a hand to the dying man. Those ruthless individuals kept on filming the graphic scene and then posted the disturbing video online. 

Paul lost his life while trying to protect his daughter from the harmful effects of vape smoke.

According to his mother, the altercation between Paul and the stranger began when he asked him to stop smoking vape in front of her daughter’s stroller. 

The stranger, who most probably was not in his senses, stabbed Paul after a brief verbal argument. 

Unfortunately, Paul succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The video featuring Paul’s brutal murder, titled ‘Canada dad stabbed at Starbucks Reddit video’ has gone viral on social media. 

It is mind-boggling to see how many stone-cold people seek pleasure from seeing such disturbing content. 

The video also reached Paul’s family, who are going through unimaginable pain and suffering. 

The victim’s mother, Kathy, has requested people to stop sharing the disturbing video as it is causing them an unthinkable amount of distress. 

Almost four days after the gruesome tragedy, the authorities have identified Paul’s attacker. Inderdeep Singh Gosa was the man who fatally stabbed Paul due to an insignificant reason. 

Gosa has been charged with second-degree murder, but the victim’s family is pushing for the charge to be upgraded to first-degree murder, citing proof of premeditation.

Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim called the attack a senseless act, and Starbucks Canada offered support to its employees who were eyewitnesses to the attack.

Umali and Erica have been traumatized after the attack on Paul, and it will take a lot of time for them to heal from this unimaginable trauma. Kathy has requested everyone to send prayers for their small family. 

The victim’s mother said Umali had been shattered by the loss.

“She’s not talking a lot, and I’m on my way to see her now so I can actually have a conversation with her face-to-face. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to have her tell me the whole story, and maybe she can’t, I don’t know,” she told a news outlet. 

“It was pretty horrific for her to stand and watch the whole thing unfold with her baby,” Schmidt added.

Why did Gosa stab Paul?

Paul’s mother, Kathy, revealed that the argument between her son and Gosa started when the attacker started vaping right in front of Paul’s daughter, Erica. 

Paul asked Gosa not to vape since the smoke from vaping is detrimental to a toddler’s health. The argument escalated out of limits in the blink of an eye, and Gosa, out of nowhere, stabbed Paul. 

The victim’s family said that Paul’s murder was premeditated, but the authorities have yet to make a comment on it. 

Some people have assumed that Gosa may be going through some mental health issues, which is why he took such a drastic step without thinking twice. 

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