These days, plenty of Domestic Violence is becoming a matter of great discussion as many cases are coming in front of the people and remaining the hot discussion.  Something similar has recently happened with Michael spouse who is just a 42-years-old woman and became the victim of this heinous crime as her husband left some brutal injuries on her body during the domestic violence. Since the news took place on social media uncounted people started favouring her while urging the concerned department for taking appropriate action against the culprit, because the crime does not require any forgiveness.

Michael Alberini

As per the exclusive reports or sources, The concerns department has been taken the culprit “Michael Alberini” into custody so that, the defaulter could get the appropriate sentence behind the bars. Lately, his wife spoke out regarding the incident as she had been becoming the witness of the crime for a long, and gathering the power to take a stand against him. Because, a one who bears the punishment in such a manner, is the big culprit then the one who is attempting all these. Because everyone needs to raise their voice against the crime as she had done this time.

It is being reported, that the victim has unleashed her further statement as well in which she mentioned that ” Alberini used to threaten her and blocked her in the car, and he executes these crimes when he was under the condition of intoxication”. When the police reached his house, they found some lethal weapons as well, which indicates that he was about to execute such heinous crimes with his wife. As they received a loaded rifle, which was speaking against him a lot of things, her body sustained many injury spots that took place on her body while domestic violence.


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