Lewis Peters serving in the British army like the army officer is collecting the headlines after a***aulting a female colleague. The entire incident has become a prominent topic on the Internet and netizens are questioning and criticising the behaviour of the army officer. According to the latest reports, the official climbed on the bed of the female colleague and tried to touch her against her permission. In short words, the officer tried to grope the female colleague. The incident happened a party night when most of the officers participated in a drinking game. Get more information on Lewis Peters British Army Officer.

Lance Corporal Lewis Peters

On behalf of the reports, it is being said that the officer named Lewis Peters was under the heavy influencer of alcohol after spending a wild night playing the cardboard game ‘Ring of Fire’ at the time the officer consumed a large amount of alcohol-based drink including tequila. In addition to this, the reports claimed that the officer was fumed a night before when a female colleague engaged in a fighting game with another individual. The information has been released by Bulford Military Court.

Lewis Peters is serving as a Lance Corporal to the sixteenth Air Assault Brigade of the British Army. Besides, his job is to look after the army vehicle and to inform if any vehicle needs any kind of maintenance and repair. Along with that his job also needs to guide subordinates to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills and abilities. As we as the office also has vast knowledge on maintaining the equipment and providing BCS training for his colleagues in order to extend their area capabilities. But now, the versatile army officer is coming to the attention of the higher authorities due to his recent activity.

As per the court-martial disclosed during the hearing that the officer was included in a party night and consumed alcohol based drink in a large amount due to which the officer was inebriated. Later, the 22 years old officer rushed to a female colleague’s bed and groped her. However, the officer was found not guilty after the investigation was supervised for an hour.

The female described the incident as horrific and she tried to get as far away from Lewis as she can at the time. In addition to this, it was the first day of the female officers on the unit at Wattisham airfield in Suffolk. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Phoosi.

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