Who Is Inderdeep Gosal? 32-year-old Indian-origin Man Inderdeep Gosal Fatally Stabs Man in Canada’s Vancouver

Who Is Inderdeep Gosal

Inderdeep Singh Gosal, a 32-year-old Indian-origin man has been detained and charged with the 2nd-degree murder of a Canadian person in Downtown Vancouver, on Thursday, 30th of March 2023. Yes, you heard right, the defaulter is currently remaining under legal custody as the appropriate actions are being taken against him. The way he stabbed the person to death was highly terrific as the entire incident had been recorded by the CCTV which was placed next to the action spot in a certain manner. Below you can explore the further updates along with some unknown facts.

Who Is Inderdeep Gosal

As per the exclusive reports, Inderdeep Singh Gosal had fatally stabbed Paul Stanley Schmidt multiple times unless he counted his last breath as he continued making him injured. The reason behind this is an altercation between the two outside of the Starbucks cafe which is located at West Pender and Greenville Street. They got into a dispute over the parking or maybe something and soon after everything turned into mayhem he brought the sharp knife out and started stabbing the victim and later, fled the scene while leaving the victim on the road which is a matter of huge condemnation.

Who Is Inderdeep Gosal?

Reportedly, the entire incident had been recorded by the CCTV camera which was placed next to the crime spot, and therefore, as soon as the concerned authorities involved in the case, first took the footage into their custody and now, on the basis of the footage further actions are being taken by the authorities which unleashing the interrogation because if the defaulter is having such tendencies then he must have done something previous too and therefore, they are bringing his record out as well so that, they can unleash the further investigation while sending the case for the consequence.

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