Who Is Eden Knight? A Young Trans Woman Has Committed Suicide Explained!

Eden Knight

Eden Knight, a young transgender woman has become a topic on the Internet after she decided to take her own life. Yes, a transgender woman from Saudi Arabia committed suicide and left a suicide note accusing her family of forcing her to detransition. Eden Knight was a 23-year-old transgender who was a native of the US until late last year. According to her friends, Knight’s passing was preceded by a shocking chain of events, underscoring all too clearly how transgender people experience violence on a worldwide scale. Let’s find out what was actually happened with her and how did it happen?

Eden Knight

A 23-year-old transgender who has been identified by officials as Eden Knight had been living in the US until late last year. The tweet which was posted on Monday morning said that she had killed herself after being pressured into returning to Saudi Arabia and also denied access to her hormone medication. Let us tell you that the post was scheduled in advance, and alleged that Knight’s parents had hired American “fixers” and as well as a Saudi lawyer in Washington DC to bring her back to her home, where transgender people face severe discrimination. Keep reading to get more details here.

Who Is Eden Knight?

Well, Knight’s suicide note reads,” hi. If you’re reading this, I’ve already killed myself. I have given life every opportunity, I have given myself every chance to get better. But I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t strong enough, I don’t think there was a universe where I was ever strong enough to survive this”. With this, she also mentioned the cause of her death. She also wrote that she was contacted by Michael Pocalyko through an IRL friend who claimed that he was a fixer and wanted to fix the issues that was between her and her parents.

In the end, Eden wrote,” I wanted to be a leader for people like me, but that wasn’t written to happen. I hope that the world gets better for us. I hope our people get old. I hope we get to see our kids grow up to fight for us. I hope for trans rights worldwide. goodbye”. Since the news of her passing was confirmed on the Internet, her loved ones and friends are paying tribute to her. She was a beloved part of the community. She will be always remembered by her loved ones and family as well. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

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