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Who Is Chitara Plasencia From NYC? Three Women Arrested For Vandalizing Bel Fries

When prospects act badly towards resort and cafeteria workers, we roll our eyes. In Manhattan, three girls had been accused of inflicting harm to a restaurant in an identical manner.

On July 4, round 4 a.m., this occurred at a restaurant on Ludlow Road at 132.

When Pearl Ozaria, Chitara Plasencia, and Tatiyanna Johnson, who all appeared drunk on the time, began damaging the restaurant’s property over the seemingly unimportant proven fact that different dips value $1.75 every, a significant catastrophe occurred.

Rafael Nunez, the chef of the restaurant, put every little thing on video on his cellphone in order that he would have proof.

Chitara Plasencia, Tattiyana Johnson and Pearl Ozaria got arrested

Chitara Plasencia, Tattiyana Johnson and Pearl Ozaria received arrested

Who Is Chitara Plasencia From NYC?

One of many three girls who attacked a waitress at Bel Fries in New York Metropolis was Chitara Plasencia. The ladies bumped into the restaurant and threw something they may discover at it.

The NYPD confirmed her title and the names of the opposite two suspects.

In the mean time, there isn’t any extra details about these individuals. Within the video, they appeared very violent and like they had been breaking issues on the restaurant only for enjoyable.

Get mad at 4 a.m. since you needed to pay $1.75 for extra sauce. Use a taser to scare your workers.

Destroy as a lot as you possibly can and throw it at employees.

Bel Fries Assault Suspect Chitara Plasencia Arrested Alongside Pearl Ozaria & Tatiyanna Johnson

In response to stories, the 25-year-old went to Bel Fries with Tattiyana Johnson and Pearl Ozaria to get some fries.

However no restaurant may give them an additional sauce for a similar value as the primary one. The waiter requested for $1.75 extra, however they didn’t give it to him.

Chitara Plasencia, who’s suspected of a***aulting Bel Fries, was arrested with Pearl Ozaria and Tatiyanna Johnson.

Chitara Plasencia and two of her buddies had been arrested as a result of they had been regarded as the individuals who attacked Bel Fries. The New York Police Division mentioned Wednesday that she had been arrested.

The police didn’t give many particulars about these girls. Plasencia, who’s 25 years previous, is among the individuals who had been arrested. Pearl Ozaria, who’s 27, and Tattiyana Johnson, who’s 23, are additionally being regarded into.

Despite the fact that we don’t know what their present costs are, they might embrace damaging property.

Surveillance footage confirmed three girls inflicting a variety of harm to a Manhattan Bel-Fries restaurant and throwing issues on the workers.

The police say that if the three girls had paid $1.75 as an alternative of beginning the combat, they might not be on this scenario.

Bel Fries Assault Video On Reddit

Reddit customers are presently speaking in regards to the video of Chitara Plasencia and her buddies making enjoyable of a waitress at New York’s Bel Fries.

On video, three girls might be seen attacking Bel Fries in Manhattan after combating with a waitress over an additional sauce. Whereas consuming fries, they requested for an additional sauce.

Because it was a rule within the restaurant, the waiter made them pay additional for the sauce. The three then began hitting the restaurant counter and went loopy.

Victoria Baez, who labored at Bel Fries, mentioned that the attackers splashed tequila and chili sauce in her face, making it arduous for her to see. The employees additionally mentioned that the ladies had mentioned they might kill them and had been about to take action.

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