Who Is Charlie Evan and Why Was Arrested? French Tourist in Japan Arrested For Punching Woman Explained!

Who Is Charlie Evan

A heinous act was seen in Japan. A  man was arrested for punching a woman. This incident happened on the streets of Tokyo’s Minato ward. A 23-year-old man, Charlie Evan was arrested for punching a woman. He was a French tourist. He was arrested for physically assaulting a woman. After viral their video people want to know about them. Charlie Evan’s video goes viral on social media. There are many questions that are raised. Why was he punched? Were they know each other? What actually happened? If you want to know more about this news, so continue with this page till the end. Let’s read in detail.

Who Is Charlie Evan

A 23-year-old man, Charlie Evan a French tourist was arrested. He was arrested on Tuesday. He punched a woman’s face. Also after punching that woman, he lived her injured on the streets of Tokyo. Charlie Evans and his friend group wandering in the streets of Tokyo. According to the reports, they collide with that 20-year-old woman. After colliding the 20-year woman and Evan started fighting. In the viral video, you can see how that woman grabbed Evan’s shirt. After grabbing Evan’s shirt, he punched that woman, and on the spot she fall to the ground. In this fight, that woman was injured. After punching that woman, Evan runs away from there and stays injured that woman.

Who Is Charlie Evan and Why Was Arrested?

Their fighting video was recorded and went viral on the internet. According to the reports, her injuries will take 3 weeks to fully heal because she got many injuries on her face. Further, after all of that, Evan is not accepting his mistake, he denied the allegations against him. Still, it is not confirmed, whether he was intoxicated or not at the time of the incident. According to Japan’s law, before the charges are filed, they held to that suspect for up to 23 days.

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