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Once again, Brooklinn Khoury is remaining the subject of discussion among the people, since her inspiring statement came to the fore. Yes, you heard right, After losing her upper lip during the dog attack, she said that ” She wants to inspire as many people as she can”. Whoever heard the news their shocking reaction surrounded the entire social media along with shocking reactions. Because her face got destroyed initially, but after taking the appropriate treatment, her wounds got healed in such a manner that you can see the improvement on her face, so below you can check such vital details.

Brooklinn Khoury attack video

As per the exclusive reports, Khoury went to her cousin’s home where she was standing in the kitchen but spontaneously when her pet 8-years-old blue nose pitbull named Diesel attacked her, with who she had interacted plenty of times. First, she thought that he will not do anything as she had met him many times but extempore, he attacked her and took her face under his hands and started destroying it through attacking. Hence, on the spot, she called everyone for help as the situation got out of control, and went out of her hands.

Who Is Brooklinn Khoury?

Further, she mentioned that initially, she started talking to him that he is a nice boy and a good pet as well, but despite this, he gradually came towards her along with strange anger in his eyes and as soon as she recognized it. She tried to escape but unfortunately, he came on her face and started ruining it, later, her family member along with cousins and they make them separated and spontaneously, made her admitted to the nearest hospital so that, the doctors could examine her and give her the appropriate cure, and around a few months she was taken into medical custody.

After the incident, she shared a statement in which she mentioned that when she stood up after being attacked by the dog and as soon as she tasted blood and went to see the mirror she git shocked as her face got ruined by him from the lips side. Therefore during the treatment, she had to lose her lip, but now she is absolutely fine and wants to inspire other people who took back steps after facing the tragedy. She shared her few images in which you can watch her face and supposer that how worst the incident was.

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