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Who is Berfin Ozek? Ozan Celtik Married To Berfin Ozek, The Guy Who Threw Acid On Her Face

Who’s Berfin Ozek? Ozan Celtik Married To Berfin Ozek, The Man Who Threw Acid On Her Face, Test Pics Age Instagram: Ozek, who was previously the face of the federal government’s anti-acid a***ault initiatives, has now deserted her selections to anybody and everybody. Every time she remarried her lover, this exact same man who murdered her with acid, everyone is stunned. Newsflash initially reported final month that 20-year-old Barfin Ozek and 23-year-old Kasim Ozan Celtic had married the marriage. After twenty months, she had one other expertise with the identical particular person. A brand new Muslim girl received right into a relationship who threw acid in her eyes and mouth after which deserted her for good.

Who’s Berfin Ozek?

I respect him quite a bit, however he respects me quite a bit, too.” “I do not likely really feel protected with him inside outer partitions there,” he wrote in response, asking the police if he may drop his accusation in opposition to him. “We’ve written a bunch of messages.” I’ve surrendered myself by means of him. I am keen on him, and he adores me as properly.” He, alternatively, is claimed to have inundated them with guarantees of reunion and repentance. Later, he contacted his lawyer to help him. As a consequence of the a***ault on a courtroom in Turkey’s Iskenderun province, his fiance was imprisoned for 13 months of the beginning in jail. Ozark, who was largely sighted on the time, contacted the police in direction of Celtik and was later imprisoned.

We have now despatched a number of messages to at least one one other,” Ozan wrote, relenting and agreeing to drop her case. I’ve surrendered myself to him. Eltik was to be punished for the offense of ‘intentional hurt,’ it was claimed. Casim Ozan eltik, who had been detained following the incident, was charged with “negligent murder,” based on the prosecution. In his revised judgment, the investigator issued a authorized judgment that “there was actually no need to homicide” within the civil continuing on the Iskenderun 1st Extreme Felony Tribunal.

Berfin Ozek Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Instagram

The Turkish individuals have been additional angered when Celtik proposes to Ozen shortly after his discharge, and lady sure. Nonetheless, in accordance with the adjustments within the laws on account of the coronavirus, Celtik was on a number of potential on probation, though he’s nonetheless open to worldwide criticism. Ozek, alternatively, was chastised on social networking websites by his followers and followers. Berfin Ozek was in ache on a regular basis and in addition had 30 p.c sight in a single gaze, so her newly gained autonomy has provoked controversy on-line. She then calls for that maybe the tribunal dismiss her lawsuit.

Following our marriage, images of the newlyweds posing gleefully after receiving authorized paperwork to cement the a***ociation had been launched to social networking websites. Celtik obtained a 13.5-year punishment the second time, which has been fortunately diminished owing to Covid regulatory amendments. Celtik’s followers had been startled and disgusted when Celtik engaged to Ozek rapidly after his discharge from the hospital, and Ozek accredited with out hesitation. He’s in jail now, and he’s remarried his on-again, off-again fiancée, for whom the life he as soon as devastated within the short while.

One other man chastised me, stating that if somebody requested me who was essentially the most discarded human being on the planet, I might point out this feminine’s surname. I’ve battled for her after numerous many years, but it surely’s all been doing this for naught. Had it not been for the virus, Celtic will nonetheless be within the bars,” a lawyer stated. The Berlin Ozek has but to answer to the widespread on-line outrage. The daddy was quoted within the newspaper as saying, “She wedded outdoors our information.


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