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Recently, a quite heart-wrenching incident is reported from the Ballyfermot Road which set the buzz on social media as the video of the incident is getting viral on Instagram rapidly, and becoming the cause of heavy reaction as well. As almost everyone is pa***ing their remarks on the incident, the video is showing the brutality of the cowards who hit the victim’s face and became the cause of heavy injury on her face as her eyeball broken cheekbones along with shattering the tooth in the sickening attack, was initially verbally abused from Dublin City Center to Ballyfermot on 30th December 2021.

Alanna Quinn Idris

As per the reports or sources, the incident occurred when she was exiting the bus and defending herself against the unprovoked abuse. Meanwhile, the teenager was brutally attacked on the road of Ballyfermot through the cowards. As soon as the concerned department got the news they reach the crime spot, so that, they could detain the culprits as soon as they can. Therefore, they have taken into custody two people who were involved in the crime and have a major hand in the incident, in the video, you could stream how hard they hit the face.


The victim is identified as Allana Quinn Idris who is just a 17-years-old teenager who was recently hit brutally on her face which became the cause of deep injuries, even her cheekbone and eyeballs have been destroyed properly which seems painful enough. She is going through great pain as her face injuries have created ma***ive complications, and these wounds indicate that her face needs surgery. It is being said that she had also a***aulted to cut with the sharp knife, a guy friend who was with her, whoever us hearing their shocking reactions coming, as everyone is seeking justice for her.

If further reports are to be believed, so the mother of the victim shared the video of the horrific incident, and later, her mother made her admitted to the nearest hospital. Later, her mother created the GoFundMe page to raise the fund so that, she could get the appropriate treatment, so that, the medical staff could admit her for the surgery. Her mother Jamie Quinn is urging everyone so that, they could get the appropriate fund because she needs to undergo the surgery as her face has been destroyed by the cowards.

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