What Happened To Alice Wong? Activist Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit

What Happened To Alice Wong?

We are before you today about the latest information on Alice Wong who is a disability rights activist. The powerbroker activist is viral on the internet these days. The recipient of various awards in spreading awareness about the needs of the disability community was herself born with spinal muscular atrophy, a neuromuscular disorder. Now the new viral video has put her in the news. The activist’s life is becoming the interest of people. People are searching for her on various media channels and want to know about the fresh viral video. For our viewers, we are going to share the life of power woman, who is a disability rights activist. Be with us to know more about the iconic lady.

What Happened To Alice Wong?

A video viral is showing Alice Wong being stood up to by a person’s incapacity status and blaming her for exploiting handicap facilities. Alice Wong has many times highlighted the need of requirement of facilities to take part in open life. Alice Wong was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her parents are basically from Hong Kong. Sources tell us that she was born with a neuromuscular disorder. She stopped walking at the age of seven or eight. Alice is the founder and Project coordinator of Disability and Visibility which is about collecting old histories of people with disabilities.

What Happened To Alice Wong?

Alice Wong also plays a great part in Disabled Writers Project which is a great platform for disabled writers and journalists. She is very active on Twitter and encourages the political participation of disabled people. She has dedicated her life to being a voice for disabled people’s difficulties and criticised for the lack of representation in the media and public debates. In the recent time, unfortunately, Alice Wong’s health started deteriorating in 2022. She was hospitalised for four weeks in ICU and had to suffer a tracheostomy and is on a feeding tube.

Recently she has written about her experiences during the pandemic as a high-risk person relying on Medicaid. She has expressed in one article that loving oneself can be much harder than loving others for disabled persons as receiving help sometimes feels like a weakness. In The Year of the Tiger, her memoir, Wong shares pieces of her story through a collection of essays, interviews, photos, and illustrations. Her recent viral video is emphasizing more noteworthy schooling and mindfulness around handicapped facilities and the continuous separation and disgrace faced by them in society. We have shared about the iconic woman. we will be back with more info. Stay tuned………..

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