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Vivo Y20 Mobile Review And Price | Cheapest Mobiles In 2021: Today we are going to tell you all the features of Vivo y20. If you want to buy a Vivo y20 and you don’t know about it then today we will tell you all about it step by step below.

So read this post to know more about it. And then if you like this mobile then buy it. Don’t waste all your money later. In today’s post, we will give you information about its camera, battery, storage, when it was launched, its finger lock, battery timing charger, and much more.

Vivo Y20 Launched, Announced, Status | Vivo Y20 Mobile Review And Price

If you don’t know when Vivo Y20 was relaunched, let me tell you that Vivo Y20 was launched in Pakistan on 28th August 2020. And since its launch,

this mobile has been bought by millions of people. Because this mobile has a lot of features. That’s why I use my mobile phone.

This mobile has been launched in 2G, 3G, and 4G. Her excellent camera and stylish camera add to her beauty. That is why people are attracted to it to buy cheap and beautiful mobile phones. Because it is the lowest priced and it looks very beautiful.

Vivo Y20 Colors And Style

The Vivo Y20 is given 3 colors. And these three colors look more beautiful than each other. Its colors include Obsidian Black, Dawn White, Purist Blue, and more.

And most of all, white and black are in demand. These two colors have caused a great deal of controversy in the market.

If you want to get this mobile on standby, you will get it for Rs. 4000 to 5000 less than the new mobile. So those who do not have much money can also enjoy it with a standby mobile. And it weighs only 192 grams. If you are only interested in running a new mobile then you can easily get it from the market۔

Vivo Y20 Display, Type, Size, Resolution, Protection

The screen size of the Vivo Y20 is quite large. Its LCD size is 6.5 inches. On which you can easily watch movies or dramas.

And game enthusiasts can also enjoy it to the fullest. Because the size of a 6.5 inch LCD is quite large. Gla*** is provided on its touch for touch protection.

So that even if it falls down, its touch will not be broken, but the gla*** above will be broken. You can watch songs, movies, and dramas of 720 x 1600 pixels in it. Which, of course,

made the video an overnight sensation. And it also has a Gla*** front + Plastic back, Plastic frame, DoC***ent viewer, Photo/video editor, etc. So I really like this mobile.

Vivo Y20 Main Camera And Front Camera Pixels

Its camera has been launched in fewer pixels due to less money. By the way, his camera is not so small. Its back camera is equipped with a Triple Camera: 13 MP. Due to this, its beauty has increased a lot.

It has 2 cameras, 2 megapixels, and a 13-megapixel camera. And there’s a flashlight that you can use to make videos or pictures. And its LED flashlight also has a good amount of light.

Selfie Camera Features And Videos

If we talk about the front camera of this mobile, then it also has Salomo, which was previously available only in vivo mobiles inexpensive mobiles.

But this time you will also find Slow-mo on this mobile. Its front camera is 8 MP, (wide), Video (1080p @ 30fps.) You can also take HD pictures and share them with your friends.

Vivo Y20 Storage Ram Rom And Android And Processer

Nowadays, the more memory a mobile has, the less it seems. Because people make videos from social media, they need a lot of memory.

Therefore, this mobile has 64 GB of internal memory. And when it comes to RAM, it is given 4GB. With the help of this, you can enjoy a good set of games and apps.

As of now, games are starting to get very heavy. For this, we need a mobile with more memory and RAM. And I think this is a good low-cost mobile phone for you. And its processor is also quite good. Its processor is Octa-core (4 x 1.8 GHz Kryo 240 + 4 x 1.6 GHz Kryo 240). Which helps your apps run faster.

Vivo Y20 Mic And Speakers And Network

It has only one speaker which has a very good sound. And you can listen to audio songs and music on it. Mike is also very good. The person you want to talk to on the phone will hear your voice very clearly.

Nowadays people like to buy such cheap and good mobile. So that the next person can talk easily. You can use 2 SIM cards at a time. And both can use 4G. Also, if you don’t have songs etc. on your mobile, you can have a good time by playing FM RADIO on it.

Vivo Y20 Battery Timing، Charger And Price

Now hardly every human being needs a mobile with more net timing. vivo y20 is selling you this mobile with a Battery of 5000 MAH. And it comes with a 10-watt charger to fill it. Which makes your mobile 100% in just a few minutes.

Its battery doesn’t come out, which means it’s a (Li-Po Non-removable) battery. With all these futures with you, you can easily get this mobile at a very low price of only Rs 25,000. If you like this mobile, let us know in the comments.

Vivo Y20 New Box And with Accessories

If you like this mobile then you can easily buy this mobile from the market. In its box, you are given a free back pouch for its safety. It also has a front gla*** and a charger. If all these things are not in this box then you should leave this mobile and buy it from somewhere else.

That mobile will be used. You are also given a one-year warranty on this mobile. In which if your mobile is broken, it will not be claimed. So I hope you enjoyed this post of mine. If there is anything wrong with it, please comment or contact us.

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