Veteran journalist Mohammad Ziauddin passes away

ISLAMABAD: Noted columnist Mohammad Ziauddin died Monday after a drawn out disease. He was 83.

Brought into the world in 1938 in the Indian city of Madras, Ziauddin inhaled his last at his Islamabad home. His memorial service supplications would be offered today in Media Town society after Asr petitions.

Ziauddin’s family relocated to Dhaka, then, at that point, East Pakistan, in 1952, five years after Parcel. They moved to Karachi in West Pakistan by 1960.

He was related with news-casting for very nearly 60 years and during his stretch as a writer, Ziauddin worked with every one of the significant papers of Pakistan, The Muslim, The News, Day break and The Express Tribune.

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According to The Express Tribune, his first occupation in the field of news-casting was as an offspring correspondent at the Pakistan Press Worldwide (PPI). He then, at that point, proceeded to work for the Pakistan Press Office – and from that point forward he worked at various news a***ociations in article positions with The Express Tribune being his last.

In July 2014, Ziauddin surrendered as the chief supervisor of the English every day and proceeded to fill in as an independent writer.

Sympathies pour in

The nation’s top political initiative and writer local area honored Mohammad Ziauddin.

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