The 29th December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan is bringing a high voltage drama for you where you will stream that, Angad Maan’s real side is going to reveal in front of everyone. As he will cross all limits in the craze to get Tejo in his life by hook or by crook, the way he will behave made everyone shocked. Because till yet everyone met him as a gentleman, as he pretended his fake side to everyone. But now his real face is ready to come in front of everyone, which will make Tejo and the rest of the family shocked.


Meanwhile, Fateh decides to protect Tejo from all those cirC***stances which are being created by Jasmine in such a manner to ruin her life. Hence, Fateh makes sure that no matter what happens but he will not let Jasmine do anything to her, because after facing many obstacles Tejo finally, got some happiness and now no one has a right to snatch them again. But At the same time, Jasmine converse with the man who is helping her that she needs his favor because now Fateh has come into Tejo’s life to protect her from all traps created by them.

On the other hand, Angad Maan is getting frustrated as Tejo refused to marry him and keeps on thinking that no matter what happens but he will definitely get her favor at any cost. Because he loves her a lot and does not want to lose her again, as Fateh has taken place in her life again. But as far as he has concerned Fateh will do such things to get Tejo back in his life again, as he is making scenarios while nothing is like as he is thinking about Fateh and Tejo, but his queasiness has ruined his thinking power.

In the last episode, as the viewers have streamed that Angad Maan unleashed his feelings to Tejo by saying that he wants to marry her, and this is the reason he is not looking forward to marrying anyone else. But Tejo refuses by mentioning that she does not want to marry him as she addresses him as her friend, and as far as she has concerned about her wedding life. So from the very beginning, she is unlucky in her wedding live, hence she does not want to take any chance now, and leaves the place as well.

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