The Foolish Lion And The Clever Rabbit | Moral Stories

The Foolish Lion And The Clever Rabbit | Moral Stories

The Foolish Lion And The Clever Rabbit | Moral stories: Friends, today we are going to tell you the story of a stupid lion and a cunning rabbit, how a rabbit used his intellect to trap a lion. So let’s move on to our topic!

The Foolish Lion And The Clever Rabbit | Moral stories

Once upon a time there was a lion in a dense forest, he was the king of the whole forest, but he did not behave like a king. Every day wild animals were ruthlessly eaten. The beasts of the forest used to go into hiding for fear of the lion, and after quenching their hunger and thirst, they became very hungry. Everyone began to consult and consult with each other to stay. Everyone had their say.

And not a wolf in the end :

I think we should go to the lion one by one instead of dying at the hands of the lion every day. In the same way every day the lion will eat one, and every day we will go our separate ways. And will live in peace without fear. All the animals agreed to the fox’s advice.

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A monkey said :

Well, you are right, instead of fearing death, you will live in peace until your turn comes. After the animal talk was over, the fox himself went to the lion and told the lion all this.

After hearing the fox’s words, the lion said :

I am the king so I am obeying all of you but listen carefully one day if one day I am late in finding the animal, I will not keep quiet and will start attacking you all again. He said all this angrily.

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The Foolish Lion And The Clever Rabbit

Hearing the words of the lion, the fox shook his head and filled the supporter and left. After that day, all the animals started going to the lion in turn and the lion began to satisfy his hunger by killing the animals that came to him every day. This was the case and it was the turn of a rabbit to go to such a lion. That rabbit was very smart. He did not approve of going to the lion. And he decided to teach a lesson to the lion that kills animals with him. And by a good trick, slowly reached the lion’s den. The lion was furious after the delay.

And seeing the rabbit, he said angrily :

I have already told you that if an animal is late in coming to me, I will not remain silent. You have broken your promise, so I will go to the forest and hunt and eat whatever you want.

Then the rabbit said to the lion :

Excuse me, King. Peace be upon you. There is a mistake and there is a reason for it. I will explain it to you.

The lion said angrily again :

Tell me what it is.

The rabbit said :

Long live the King!
I was coming to you and on the way I found another lion and approached me to kill me. I told him about your bravery in front of this lion but that lion started saying very bad things about you .
When I heard this, I said angrily, “You are not of our fence. Do not say such things about our king.” Hearing this, the lion was ready to attack me. When I saw this, I said to the lion, “If you kill me, our king will not leave you.”

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Then the lion said :

What will your king do to me? I have killed enough elephants with my claws. Whether it is your king or someone else, no one can escape from my hands. And no one can tick in front of me, I’ll finish it.

I said to the lion, “Come and talk to our king.” So bring it here. On hearing this, the lion began to roar, which is why it was a little late.

As soon as he heard this, the lion said angrily, “Let’s go now, I will finish it now.” Hearing this, the rabbit took the lion to a water well in the forest.

When he got there, the rabbit said to the lion “
Peace , O king!” Look inside, he is waiting for you there impatiently. You teach him a good lesson. The lion angrily peeked into the well and started roaring, then the other lion started roaring from the other side as well.

Then the rabbit said :
Peace be to the king! See how proud he is, how low he is looking down on you. Saying this, he began to excite the lion. The lion jumped into the well without thinking. There was no one in the well. The lion kept beating his hands and feet in the water but could not get out of the well and died in the well. The rabbit wisely not only protected himself but also saved the lives of all the animals in the forest from this lion.

Moral :

We must protect ourselves by using our intellect.

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