Scientist Made Predictions About End Times

Scientists Predict the End Time Is It True?

Scientists Predict the End Time Is It True? If you also want to see when the Hour will come, Everyone will be amazed to see, so let’s go to our subject and see what he did that made everyone’s mouth open, and on what date will the Hour come, the question that everyone was waiting for?

Scientists Predict the End Time Is It True?

Asslamo alikum! Friends, according to the news so far, one of the famous scientists of India, who has obtained first degree in Physics from Kalifornia University. He pointed out the worst sign of the Hour in view of his search and current situation. In which his have told the influx of Hazrat Imam Mahdi, Dajjal coming, but telled with the month and year on the day of the coming of the doom.

How many years after the Hour will come?

And according to this Scientist of India, there are almost 895 years left till the Day of Judgment. Because according to the lunar calendar Doom 10 Muharram day of Jumma 2364 went to Hijri. According to the calendar of the sun on this day, the date will be 15 March 2915.

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When will Hazrat Imam Mehdi’s Zahoor be date and year?

If you look at it in this way, Hazrat Imam Mehdi’s Zahur 10 Muharram 1450 Hijre means on 2 June 2028.

Hazrat Essa a.s When will Appearance be date and year?

And the revelation of Jesus (pbuh) will take place on 10th Muharram 1456 AH meaning 1st April 2034. And according to them. The event of the sun setting from the west will be presented before 2027.
It is not surprising that many scientists have mentioned the volcanic mountains beneath the ocean before. That they are waiting for the mountain to erupt.

  • But the question is, how true is that?
  • Q: How can we, with the help of technology, detect the catastrophe that is stirring the whole world?
  • Why doom is coming on this date?
  • Or when will the end of times?

Friends, being a Muslim, we believe in the resurrection. And faith is also what our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said The knowledge of resurrection is not passed on to anyone except Allah.

When will the Hour come in light of the Hadith?

Once Hazrat Jibril (AS) came to the gathering of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the form of a stranger. The Companions were also present there, out of which Hazrat Jibril AS asked some questions from the S.W. One of the questions was when will the Hour come? So he s.w said. That the question being asked is not more knowledgeable than the person asking it. This means that Hazrat Jibril also knows only as much as Hazrat Muhammad SAW was told about the Absolute Resurrection. After jibrail a.s left, He s.w said, “It was Hazrat Jibril who came to teach you your religion.”

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Avoid fraudsters and liars!

So from this it can be inferred that today if anyone in this era claims that,He has knowledge of the Day of Resurrection. So of course he is a liar and a deceiver who you shouldn’t take as a comedy.

Who are the people you have stopped going to?

Those who know the stars. It is also forbidden to go to magicians and black magicians. Because these people do all these things other than Allah, meaning they ask for help from the stars or some other entity. That is disbelief. And all this, whether someone is doing it or someone is doing it, expels him from Islam.

What can the power of technology do?

But Tehnologi is also not a lie, we can change the weather by this, we can know the weather, the winds and the manzir in the coming time. What they say after a lot of experience. But if it comes to the doom This science can almost never be discovered. Because only Allah knows about it and no one can guess it When will the Hour come? And we humans can never know how all this will happen?

What and how much do we know about the world?

Because today we humans do not know more than 5% about our oceans. One thousandth of the universe is not even known. Earth is just an estimate of what might be there. But we can’t know for sure.

Will there be an earthquake before the Hour?

And the worst part is that we humans can’t even predict an earthquake. We humans cannot control this calamity at all. It may be that the beginning of the Hour will be an earthquake.

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Mention of the Hour in the light of the Holy Quran.

As in Surah Al-Zalzalh of the Holy Qur’an: “When the earth will be shaken. And let him throw his load out and let the beholder say what happened to her She will narrate her case on that day, for your Lord has commanded her.

Believing in the Hour!

Belief in the resurrection is one of the basic beliefs of Muslims. Belief in which is a part of every Muslim’s faith. Every prophet kept frightening his ummah But you are the last prophet, And there was no prophet to come after you, so he explained the signs of the Hour to his people. Which includes both small and large signs.

Both small and large signs

The big signs are the ones we mentioned above. But it is not possible for anyone to tell when it will come out. The purpose of telling the signs was to prepare man for the time to come, Or recognize your own tribulations.
May God protect us all from such deceitful and deceitful people And keep us all in peace and keep us safe on the Day of Resurrection. Ameen!

Scientists Predict the End Time Is It True?

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