The Coolest Ice Pops For The Summer Heat

The Coolest Ice Pops For The Summer Heat

Get-A-Whey has launched their line of guilt-free ice pops to beat the summer heat. Ice-pops are the latest addition to the product line of the company which already boasts high protein ice-creams, low calorie ice-cream sandwiches and guilt-free waffle bites. These Ice-pops come in five flavours and bring back the nostalgia of summer.

The pops have three fruit flavours – watermelon, orange, and guava chilli, and two non-fruit flavours made in collaboration with Svami.

Get-A-Whey has collaborated with Svami, the popular beverage company that boasts a line of low cal and low sugar products to launch two refreshing and limited-edition popsicle flavours – Lemonade and Cola Blast – which are made from two of Svami’s freshest flavours – Salted Lemonade and 2 Cal Cola. 

Each fruit pop is made with real fruit pulp. Packed with pulpy oranges, juicy watermelons, and sweet guava with a tinge of red chilli, they are completely guilt-free with no added sugar and have less than 41 calories per pop.

Currently, Get-A-Whey is rolling out ice pops in select cities. All flavours of the ice pops will be available to order at their website: and popular food-delivery platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato.

Check out www.getawhey.for the entire range of protein ice creams and low-calorie ice cream sandwiches.

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