Tesla Begins Shipping The Model Y With Hardware 4

Tesla Begins Shipping The Model Y With Hardware 4

(CTN News) – Apparently, Tesla is in the process of shipping some Model Y units from its Fremont, California factory that are equipped with their latest version of their self-driving computer, Hardware 4 (HW4).

It is well known that Tesla has been developing HW4 for some time, and the first images of the new computer were leaked earlier this year as well.

Earlier this year, Tesla began installing a new version of its flagship vehicle, the Model S and Model X, equipped with HW4 technology.

As a result of the slow implementation, it was possible to assess the rapid performance of the new computer, which is more geared toward Tesla’s transition to a self-driving effort based on vision instead of radar, rather than its previous reliance on vision and radar sensors.

There have been some pictures surfacing of Model Y vehicles equipped with Hardware 4 on the road in California, and as you can see, the cameras are much more robust than the previously installed versions that came with Hardware 3 builds.

When Tesla rolled out the HW4 suite for the Model S and Model X units for the first time, some features did not become available immediately upon delivery due to the early rollout of the software.

Probably for this reason, Tesla took so long to install HW4 in the mass-market vehicles that have been equipped with it and have now been added to the company’s inventory, which is what has caused the delay.

The performance of HW4 is expected to improve even further in the future as Tesla continues to refine the details and the performance of it as it moves forward as it refines the details and the performance of it.

According to recent studies, there have already been indications that this system is more effective than conventional systems when it comes to certain maneuvers, such as unprotected turns.

Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, remains adamant that he will be able to achieve Full Self-Self-Driving by the end of this year.

As the latest step in the company’s plans to launch a complete FSD suite in the future, Hardware 4 could potentially be the most significant step forward in the company’s plans to launch Robotaxi, but it seems as though it is still a long way off.


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