Taji Khokhar Father Of Farrukh Khokhar

Pakistan’s famous and well-known political leaders whose income was in the millions. But their stories of terror were also common. And they are no longer with us.

You must have understood that I am talking about Pakistan’s leading political and social figure Don Imtiaz Aliyas Taji Khokhar, Farrukh Khokhar Rawalpindi. Taji Khokhar Biography, Dera, Son, Death, Age, Pics.

Imtiaz Taji Khokhar Rawalpindi Age, Death, Biography

Taji Khokhar was born in 1953 in Rawalpindi. And he belonged to a noble family. Nothing can be said about his father yet. We will update our post once we receive the information. If anyone has information about this, please let me know.

Khokhar is one of the two worlds. Taji Khokhar had been ill for a long time. And he had been undergoing treatment for a long time. But his health was not affected by his advanced age. And no medicine was working on them.

But what does nature know when a man calls to his side. His age was near death. And he died on January 4, 2021, in Rawalpindi. May Allah bless the deceased.


Taji khoker Son, Who is Taji Khokhar?

Taji Khokhar also has a son. His name is Farrukh Khokhar. And he has been jailed once. And he’s the biggest businessman in the world.

They also occupy lands. Malik Riaz and Taji Khokhar have seized a lot of lands. Malik Riaz and Taji Khokhar are also friends. Farrukh was deeply saddened by the death of his father. God bless them.

Taji khoker Dera, House, Protocol

Imtiaz alias Taji Khokhar’s Dera covers about 37 acres in Rawalpindi. Not only that, they also had more than one and a half hundred luxury cars, on which they traveled in luxury,

only two to two and a half million people have a specific number 333 on each car, which The symbol was considered, and will remain.

He has a well-known son named Malik Farrukh Khokhar. And he himself has made several visits to Taji Khokhar jail. Taji was not only fond of cars, but also had plenty of gold and diamonds in his house.

Imtiaz Taji Khokar Lifestyle

Taji Khokar also built a small zoo in the house for a quiet environment. In which expensive animals from all over the world used to cool the eyes of Taji Khokhar.

Many people attributed this interest to Taji Khokhar’s relationship with well-known people. And what is the reality of it, be sure to tell it in your comments.

Taji Khokar Help Poor Peoples

Taji Khokhar used to offer food to the poor at night in his tent during the day. Which is a great proof of human compa***ion. May Allah raise the ranks of the deceased. And make their destination easy. My friends, let us know in the comments how you like our topic today. Thank you.

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