At current’s episode of Sirf Tum begins with Ranveer. He proposes Suhani. The latter says nothing and easily appears to be at him. Suhani asks him why did not he come to the venue that day. Ranveer remembers Ansh’s phrases and what had he acknowledged. Suhani asks Ranveer to answer as his reply will a***ist her in making a alternative. Ranveer apologizes to Suhani and says that he does not happen to have an answer at current as correctly. Ranveer goes on to hold her arms. Suhani asks him why can he not inform her the fact.

Sirf Tum serial

Throughout the subsequent scene, Ranveer thinks about Suhani’s phrases and punches the punching bag. He says that why can he not merely inform Suhani why he could not come to the venue that day. Mamta suggests Ranveer inform the fact to Suhani. She says that if he did not inform her then she would reveal the fact in entrance of Suhani herself. Ranveer will get fearful and asks Mamta to swear on him. Mamta will get confused and asks what he means by it. Ranveer says that he can not merely inform the fact now as it is a matter of his mother’s standing.

Later, Ranveer and Mamta hear the dialog between Ansh and Suhani. Ansh makes Suhani sit. Ansh tells Suhani that he should get a tattoo of her determine. Suhani refuses nevertheless Ansh insists. He asks the particular person to make his partner’s determine tattooed on his hand. Ranveer comes and unplugs the machine. Ansh asks Ranveer what’s he doing to which he says that he does not get Suhani’s determine tattooed. Ansh says that he can get it as he is her husband. Ranveer says that he already has gotten one on his arm and divulges him the an identical.

Ranveer says that solely he has one of the best to take motion. Ranveer orders the particular person to depart. The particular person does the an identical. Ansh asks Suhani to see Ranveer’s habits and says that he is her husband. Suhani refuses to simply settle for this faux marriage. Ansh will get shocked and says that each factor could be large as quickly as they attain Mauritius. Suhani will get confused and asks him about it. Ansh tells her that they’re going to go there for his or her honeymoon. Suhani refuses to go there, saying she does not contemplate on this marriage. Ranveer asks Suhani to loosen up as he will not have the ability to go there because of his pa***port.

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