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Silent Girl

Pakistani Famous TikTok Star “Silent Girl” who mostly known on Tiktok By famous Word “Bawa G Sialkot”. After Doing hard work with her Staff she got success and Now in Trending. She did not know that she will get success and one day on TikTok she will get the most famous person.

Who is “Silent Girl” on TikTok who Known as the “BAWA G SIALKOT”?

Our society is deteriorating because of TikTok. Now a young girl from Sialkot, Pakistan, whose name is Slint Girl is becoming more and more viral on Tiktok. This girl is famous because of Zulqarnain Tiktok’s star. This made herself viral on Tiktok by revealing herself to be Zulqarnain’s girlfriend.

Silent Girl Leaked Video

Let’s see!

Now there was a shortage of this. On November 15, 2020, the video of Silent Girl Tiktok Star has been uploaded to YouTube where she is playing on the bed without clothes. Silent girl who belongs to Sialkot City now has done very wrong works on TikTok for most viral.

NAME Silent Girl (Known)
AGE 21 Years
STUDY Matric
Husband Usama Bhalli
Marriage wedding date February 2021
LOCATION Sialkot, Pakistan
WORK TikTok Star
EARNING Estimated 100,000 PKR
TIKTOK ID SilentGirl0official
TikTok Fans 2.5 Million
TikTok Likes 245.8 Million
Nationality Pakistani
Religion Islam
Weight 51kg
Height 5 Feet 5 Inch
Favourite Color Blue, Black

It is not a common thing to be viral on Tiktok, but the way Silent Girl has done it is a very poor way. You will get many such people, who keep insulting it, but this girl has absolutely no effect. If someone of you earns like this, then you will definitely give a thief to Tiktok.

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At this time, the Tiktok star “Silent Girl”, which is now known as “Bawa G Sialkot”, is becoming increasingly popular. This is a 23-year-old girl. When this girl started making videos on Tiktok, she was not any idea at all. when her videos will be viral.

Silent Girl is 21 years ahead of Tiktot Star and it is from Sialkot city of Pakistan which everyone knows. When this girl took the first step on Tiktok, it was not at all an idea that she would become a star on this step one day.

Bawa G Sialkot Word

This girl became very famous due to this word. But on this words people started making fun of it and started insulting it on Tiktok. This one also did not give up and kept doing its work.

When the video of this girl went viral on Tiktok, her friends told that its video has become viral and now they become more videos. So this girl did the same thing, but her enemies started to get more.

Despite being against so many people, this girl did not give up Kheer and after all, now this girl is going to touch Tiktok’s heights.

Nadeem Nani Wala vs Silent Girl

Nadeem Nani Wala Silent Girl is very much trending and in this trend, you will see yourself how these two are washing each other. It is not a good thing that when you have five jains on such a high status and you become noisy on these wrong things.

If you also see Tiktok, then report immediately to such people and get their accounts closed, because of this, these people are acting evil in Pakistan. Here I am talking about all the TikTok makers and not just the Nadeem nani wala. Nadeem Nani Wale has also earned a good name. But he needs that he can show his good work with his name. And refrain from such work which is worth it.

Pakistani Famous TikTok Star “Silent Girl” is now trending after working Hard on TikTok. We have not found any Name, father name, Silent Girl hobby, and income. Here We have shown only estimated earnings which can be wrong. We will Update This Profile as soon as we get Updates. We hope This Topic will Helpful for You.

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Shammas Nawaz Ft Silntgirl Song | Silnt girl Song

Silnt girl sings a song and releases it on 14 November 2020 on YouTube. now, we bring song link here.

Song Name Thok Thok
Release Date 14 November 2020
Singer Shammas Nawaz
Model Silent Girl
Video Song Link Thok Thok Song Youtube

Silent Girl Real Name

  • Bawa G Sialkot (Rimsha)

Silent Girl Real name is “Rimsha” and she is known as Bawa G Sialkot. She has got very good fame from TikTok but on YouTube mostly people dislike her.

Silent Girl Marriage / Wedding

Silent Girl TikTok star starts shooting Video songs and then she has got more fame and now she is working with the biggest Film industries. She was married to Usama Bhalli in February 2021. She likes to Usama Bhalli and in February they got married. Now both are making Songs with Beyond Records Company.

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