TikTok star Hareem Shah gets scorned by Interior Minister Sheik Rasheed after she settled on a trick decision during the meeting. The video of the TikToker calling Sheik Rasheed has been making adjustments via online media since yesterday.

Hareem Shah was welcomed to the show in which the host moved her to call Sheik Rasheed and check whether he will get the call. She responded to the call and called him. Curiously, Sheik Rasheed got the call and requested that she call him later since he is occupied. Be that as it may, she demanded him to converse with her now to which Sheik Rasheed said ‘shut up’ and separated the call.

Host, Hareem Shah, and the crowd all burst into chuckling following the trick call. The video had collected gigantic perspectives via online media.

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Both Hareem Shah and Sheik Rasheed have been in news together when the last option was the rail line serve. She affected a disturbance for a***erting that Federal Railway Minister Sheik Rashid has gotten an impermanent marriage with her companion. Shah didn’t name the young lady yet guaranteed that she is an observer of an impermanent marriage between Sheik Rashid and her companion.




She even a***erted that Sheik Rasheed ha***led her, transferred the video of her live visit with a government bureau serve. She even released the video of her communication with PTI pioneer Fayyaz-ul-Ha***an Chohan.

Hareem Shah’s dubious a***ertions started doubts among Sheik Rasheed’s devotees. The railroad serves, be that as it may, didn’t remark on the debate. She released the recordings purportedly to mix a debate against Sheik Rasheed to back her cases.

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The motivation behind spilled recordings by Hareem Shah was hazy however a few web-based media clients guarantee that she released these recordings for distinction. Her video of hitting the dance floor with a PML-N pioneer additionally circulated around the web via web-based media a couple of months back.

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