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Roblox BedWars Snow Cones update log and patch notes

The BedWars Snow Cones replace has been launched for Roblox BedWars on August fifth, 2022! Check out the brand new Snow Cone Machine that has spawned on all maps! Additionally, you will discover new kits for the week, map modifications, some balancing, and a wide range of fixes for the sport. Discover all the particulars within the replace log from the builders!

Try our BedWars Instructions Listing publish to study all the instructions accessible within the sport! You could find all the official patch notes from the Discord under.

Snow Cone Machine [NEW!]

Damaged snow cone machines have appeared on all maps. Restore your snow cone machine for 💎 5 to unlock Snow Cones (1 emerald every).
1 Snow Cone → 🏹 Frost arrows
3 Snow Cones → 💥 Frost block breaking
5 Snow Cones → ⚔️ Frost sword injury

Tier 3 Break Pace [TEAM UPGRADE]

Unlock Tier 3 Break Pace for 💎 10 to extend the velocity of breaking blocks by 100%!
Tier 1 & Tier 2 break speeds have additionally been buffed.

Steadiness Adjustments

We’re persevering with to nerf prime tier kits to provide all kits an opportunity of being meta. This opens up new methods and workforce compositions.

🔴 Cobalt Nerf: Protect 15 → 10
🔴 Tesla Nerf: Armor Pen 100% → 40%
🔴 Tesla Nerf: Price 50 → 60 Iron
🔴 Bee Keeper Nerf: Emerald technology diminished by 40%
🔴 Bee Keeper Nerf: Diamond technology diminished by 25%
🔴 Star Collector Nerf: Stars spawn 25% slower
🔴 Steel Detector Nerf: Cut back sources from digs by 20%
🟢 Lucia Buff: Achieve sweet 20% sooner
🟢 Melody Buff: Guitar heal 20 → 25
🟢 Lassy Buff: Lasso price 40 iron → 30 iron
🟢 Jade Buff: Hammer slam injury elevated 5 → 8
🟢 Void Regent Buff: Axe heal ratio elevated 60% → 75%
🟢 Break Pace Tier 1: 15% → 30%
🟢 Break Pace Tier 2: 30% → 60%

Map Adjustments

🕰️ Added Clock Tower (doubles)
🐫 Added Egypt (squads)
🌳 Added Greenhouse (squads)
🚂 Up to date Grand Central (squads)

Customized Matches

🛏️ Assist for managing & saving Mattress areas. Sort /mattress assist for an inventory of mattress instructions
📋 Id nametags now seem above beds, retailers, & gens when in artistic mode (Sort /gm 1 to enter artistic!)
☠️ Mounted magma block not killing gamers
🛠️ Mounted gens & retailers not saving when eliminated
🛠️ Mounted a bug the place maps failed to avoid wasting with coloured clay blocks

Free Kits of The Week

🔨 Builder
💥 Davey
🎸 Melody

Different Adjustments

  • Elevated mission xp by 50%
  • Mounted standing impact HUD timer not refreshing on eat
  • Eliminated grappling hook from the merchandise store
  • Mounted mills and retailers being positioned off-center

Remember to head over to the Roblox BedWars web page to check out this new replace! You may try extra data on a wide range of totally different expertise within the Roblox part of our web site. 

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