Reviews – Heavy Pendulum – Phoosi

01. New Actuality
02. Blood Spiller
03. Floating Skulls
04. Heavy Pendulum
05. Pendulambient
06. Careless Providing
07. Blinded by a Blaze
08. Amaranthine
09. Searchers of Hell
10. Nightmare Eyes
11. Days of Nothing
12. Ready for Love
13. Reckoning
14. Wavering Angel

For every kind of noble causes, CAVE IN are one of the crucial extensively revered bands in all of heavy music. Whether or not reinventing hardcore, exploring psychedelic and progressive rock or just being instinctively creative and idiosyncratic, they’ve been a potent (if intermittent) pressure for artistic good for the reason that mid-’90s, with quite a few offshoots and side-projects serving to to flesh out an edifying total image.

Battered however unbowed, following the tragic demise of bassist Caleb Scofield, the legendary Boston pioneers earned countless respect for finishing 2019’s “Last Transmission” of their fallen good friend’s honor. That album was rightly acclaimed, however its emotional backdrop was as a lot a distraction as an important characteristic. On “Heavy Pendulum”, the righteous artistic hearth that has propelled CAVE IN by way of the a long time is blazing away like by no means earlier than. Like some beautiful and audacious hybrid of “Till Your Coronary heart Stops”, “Jupiter” and its darkly tender predecessor, the band’s seventh album is so stuffed with power and inspiration that it’s an apparent profession peak lengthy earlier than the dying strains of extraordinary 12-minute nearer “Wavering Angel” recede from view.

The primary music to be unveiled from this colossus, “New Actuality”, is an act of flagrant riff worship, brutally heavy however shrouded in melody and that bizarre sense of magnificence that CAVE IN have steadily harnessed up to now. Extra importantly, it’s an exquisitely crafted heavy metallic music, imbued with exhilarating urgency but additionally melancholy, resignation and disquiet. Moreover, it rocks like an absolute bastard. Slower and heavier, “Blood Spiller” is each bit as compelling, as frontman Stephen Brodsky wraps an askance melody round a muscular internet of riffs. In distinction, “Floating Skulls” channels the rarefied, proggy hooks of “Jupiter” by way of a barrage of scabrous, rock ‘n’ roll rowdiness. The title monitor’s languorous, loose-limbed, psych-metal squall makes it 4 stone chilly gems in a row, and instantly the fact dawns that “Heavy Pendulum” may simply be the best factor CAVE IN have ever produced.

There’s definitely no dip in high quality at any level right here: no small achievement on an album that lasts for 71 minutes. From the hazy, rolling riffs of “Careless Providing” and the VOIVOD-like angular churn of “Searchers of Hell”, to the tripped-out, downtempo bluster of “Blinded by a Blaze” and the bewitched acoustic haze of “Reckoning”, “Heavy Pendulum” is a wildly imaginative grasp class and but one more reason to embarrass CAVE IN with speak of legendary standing. On this proof, they’re far too absorbed within the course of of constructing fantastic music to be even vaguely curious about such issues. Reward be.

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