Reviews – Born Into Chaos

01. Loss of life Cantation
02. Born Into Chaos
03. Wrath of the Warmaster
04. Terminate by the Sword
05. Reign of Terror
06. Terrorizer
07. Omens of Fireplace
08. Tormentation

Filth. Inordinate portions of the stuff. Sustained, unstoppable and completely unrepentant. As college students of these things have probably already seen, YATRA are musical barbarians. Every of the Maryland trio’s albums thus far has proudly blurred the traces between suppurating sludge, Neanderthal loss of life metallic and bug-eyed old-school fury, with 2020’s “All Is Misplaced” standing out as a very efficient explosion of disdain. Impressively, “Born Into Chaos” goes even deeper into the spiteful mire, with a grotesque however devastating manufacturing job backing up the unrelenting caveman assault, and among the sharpest and most punishing songs they’ve ever written.

Not for the reason that days of LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR‘s “Warfare Metallic Battle Grasp” has metallic sounded as prone to smash your head in with a spiked membership than it does right here. Opener “Loss of life Cantation” has all of the spikes and chains any pace metallic fan may presumably want, however YATRA are additionally possessed by the spirit of AUTOPSY and tweaked-out on HIGH ON FIRE‘s doomy rocket gasoline. The resultant hybrid sounds fully natural, whereas additionally giving the distinct impression that the musicians behind all of it are mentally ailing and presumably harmful.

Songs like “Wrath Of The Warmaster” and the self-explanatory “Terrorizer” are constructed from the gnarliest, most knowingly arcane riffing, however there’s something deeply mistaken and admirably warped about the way in which YATRA lurch so seamlessly from an easy burst of EXCITER-like thrash to some harrowing, downward spiral doom riff. By the point nearer “Tormentation” casts its pitch-black spell, it’s possible you’ll end up involved in your personal security. A thuggish and obnoxious black metallic bombing raid, it reduces the scabby brutality of the previous 34 minutes right down to a sequence of murderous and defiantly lobotomized riffs, culminating with what may as nicely be the sound of somebody’s cranium being repeatedly slammed with a steam hammer. Bizarrely, YATRA achieve making the entire visceral enterprise sound like enjoyable, too. “Born Into Chaos” delivers an enormous dose of down-the-line heavy metallic nastiness, with a beneficiant facet order of bizarre.

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