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Online Casino vs. Live Casino

The emergence of online casinos marked a new era in the gambling community. Online casinos provided even more options than traditional casinos in the comfort of the homes of the users. They collaborated with industry-leading developers that continuously create new casino games, which make casino sites very appealing.
Online Casino vs. Live Casino

Live casino games have also become an important part of the gambling market because they offer a realistic gambling experience for their users and bridge the gap between traditional and online casino games. Below, we will explain more about live casino games, the differences between the two, and what you can expect from playing casino games live.  

What Is Live Casino  

A live casino might be a separate section, another part of an online casino where the user gets to access a collection of live casino games. Due to the increasing popularity of live casino games, most online casinos have a separate page or even a separate mobile app which only features live-dealer games.   

As high-end developers like Evolution Gaming are responsible for most of the live casino games online users can expect to have a fair, safe gaming experience and many options to choose from. However, the main difference between the two is that online casino features live casino games, RNG-powered table games, and slots, whereas live casinos only give access to live dealer casino games.   

In other words, if you only want to play live casino games, then you can download separate apps that only offer that type of game, or you can easily access that section on numerous casino sites.  

RNG Powered vs. Live-Dealer Games  

When you play a live casino game, as the name suggests, you’re engaging with a human croupier in real-time. So, the gameplay and atmosphere are very similar to traditional casinos, as the croupier deals with the cards, for example, monitors the conversation, and interacts with the players.   

When it comes to the gaming experience, thanks to the advanced video streaming technology, and the technical capabilities of desktop and mobile devices, it’s easy to follow every action that happens in the game for the users.  

But it’s worth mentioning that because you are playing live, you will need to have a high-quality device and dependable Internet connection. The game will go on without you, and if you have a spotty connection, you will likely lose your spot in the game.  

This is another difference between RNG-powered casino games, as most are available on devices with different capabilities. Also, even though you will need a stable Internet connection, there are no mandatory technical specifications that your device needs to fulfil in order to play the games. 

Moreover, table and slot games are based on RNG-powered software, which impacts the final outcome. Actually, RNG technology is the reason why online casinos exist in this way, and it makes sure that the outcome is generated randomly without any interference from any entity.  

Final Thoughts   

Live casinos recreate realistic gaming experiences, and due to the hype, there is a surge for live casino games on the market. Electronic RNG-powered table and slot games are equally popular. However, the experience is vastly different. You are not engaging with a human dealer, and you’re not playing the games in real-time.  


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