Raqesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin enter as wild card contestants

Diwali has accompanied a ton of astonishments just as shocks for the Bigg Boss 15 competitors. In the midst of the multitude of festivities outside, the housemates will likewise observe some significant exciting bends in the road in the impending scene.

The promotion of the approaching scene shows the hopefuls go through a difficult stretch as they penance gifts from their families. While some get pa***ionate about getting the gifts, others get enthusiastic as they lose an opportunity to feel their family’s adoration at the celebration.

In the interim, one more piece of the promotion shows the major impending turn. Bigg Boss OTT candidates Raqesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin make an unexpected special case pa***age in the house, deeply inspiring Shamita Shetty.

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While Neha embraces and meets Shamita, Raqesh enters in the chimpanzee outfit and embraces her from behind. Also, a sight of him makes the entertainer enthusiastic. Notwithstanding, it appears as though their entrance has come as a shock for different hopefuls.

Before long her entrance, Neha cautions Karan Kundrra and says that he should quit discussing others behind their backs. Another enormous improvement that the crowd will observe is her harsh conduct towards Pratik Sehajpal, who was very near the vocalist during their OTT spell.

The promotion shows Neha preventing Pratik from embracing her, shouting that she doesn’t need him to get into that space. She further advises him to avoid her. “On the off chance that I would prefer not to say something, kindly don’t voice it this time. Since I would prefer not to be in that space once more,” she says.

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