Naseer Baloch who is a poor man and belongs to a poor family he has got success with the famous lip-sync app TikTok. He has got 6+ Million Followers / Fans on TikTok and has earned a good name. Everyone who uses TikTok wants to become popular and Naseer Baloch is a similar person who wants to viral on TikTok and wants to rise as a Star.

Naseer Baloch TikTok

Naseer_Baloch_006 is his TikTok ID. Making a name in the world is a very difficult task and for a poor person it is a very difficult task but now this app has started fulfilling people’s dreams. Because it only shows your talent. If anyone likes his video and acting, think that it has gone viral. He belongs to the Baloch family.

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Naseer Baloch lives in a village in Pakistan. Nadeem Mubarak gives the challenge to Naseer Baloch to take his videos viral on TikTok and this was the main reason which trend to Naseer.

Naseer Baloch is 28 Years old and he is from Jacobabad Pakistan. We have not found his many details such as father name, mother name, hometown and Others. We will update his post when we will found other information.

Name Muhammad Naseer
Age 28 Years
Hometown Jacobabad, Pakistan
Father Name N/A
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 52 kg
Likes Video making, Trevel, Go to Umrah
Favorite Color blue, black, Purple
Profession Brick making
Currently, Work Brick making & TikTok
Marriage Status Yes
Sons 2
Daughters 2
Brothers 2 Brothers
Sisters N/A
Birthday 1992

Now we will talk here about his Social profiles. Naseer Baloch has got fame and he is becoming the most likable person in Pakistan. He starts TikTok videos making for a long time and after his hard work, his videos go viral. Nadeem Nani wala who is the Super TikTok Star he says that if Naseer Baloch will shot a slow-motion video in front of the moving Train then he will gift him Umrah or Hajj Tickets for free and he will gift him an iPhone. People say that Nadeem Mubarak TikTok star is crazy and this the risk of Naseer Baloch’s life. he can die if he does it.

Naseer Baloch Social Profiles

So, here are the Naseer Baloch Tiktok Star Real Social Profiles. You can follow and like him on his real profiles.

TikTok ID Naseer_Baloch_006
Likes 268.7M Likes
Fans 6.5M Followers
Youtube Channel Naseer Baloch Official

In an interview, he said he had been working on a brick kiln for eight years after his father’s death. Naseer Baloch is married and has 100 sons and two daughters. He wakes up at 4 in the morning and goes to work and returns after 12 o’clock. He was not fond of Tiktok but he came into the world of Tiktok because of a boy. His brother did not agree to work on TikTok but when he saw his popularity and love of people with him then he decides to allow him to work there.

Naseem Baloch Interview
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