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The Story Of A Greedy Watermelon | Moral Stories

The Story Of A Greedy Watermelon | Moral Stories in Urdu/Hindi Hello friends, my name is Sidra Malik and you are seeing Friends, as you know, we bring something new every day for you to have a good time. So today we bring you the story of a Greedy Watermelon man who is greedy and what is the punishment for it?

The Story Of A Greedy Watermelon | Moral Stories in Urdu/Hindi

Once upon a time is In one village lived a man with a sweet name. He was very fond of reading the story. it just read stories all the time. He had a lot of trouble at home because of this habit. was also very good at it, wanted me to stay at home all the time and not do anything less.
One day his old mother said:

You will always read stories or do something.
Sweet talk:

Why would a mother want to ruin her son’s comfort? The cataracts of your eyes, the coolness of your heart is with you all the time and what do you want?

Sweet’s mother said:

Not enough to cool the eyes And when it cools down Then the eyes will burst. So well done no less than yesterday.
Sweet’s said:
Mom, I don’t have a job, my conscience doesn’t allow it.

Sweet’s mother said:

There is not a penny in the pocket and look is talking conscience.

On hearing this, his father said:

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Hey wife, why are you upset? I will open a shop for her. Let’s become something if no one will take on less.

When he heard this, he said:

Ok dad Tomorrow I think of some good work and tell mother, just give 100, I am eating something. His mother said eat all my money And speaking this, gave him 100 ropes.
Take money and go to metha market So he saw that there is a food outlet that is very busy.

He went to her shop and said:

Make a plate and make it fun, The shopkeeper said make good brother.
Then sweetly asked him not to have too much work on your shop brother you have enough castumer.

The shopkeeper said:

Brother, we have been working here for a long time. Our work has been going on with our ancestors.

metha said:

Han, when it comes to money, everyone does the same thing. And I’m thinking of doing the same thing tomorrow. Let me set up shop in front of your shop.

The shopkeeper said:

What’s in it brother Provision is then destiny.

Metha said:
Not to be angry your food tastes too messy. Look at my food tomorrow and then tell it. That started to go metha.

So the shopkeeper said:
Hey brother who give money.

Metha: One gave my voice like my pitch, I hated it, And what I haven’t eaten from you is a plate to come and eat at my shop tomorrow. Saying this, Metha left it.

When he reached home, he came to his father and said:

Dad, I thought of work. Make me a food shop. There is a lot of money in it. Everyone is getting rich by doing this work, so why should I step back?


.All right, son, I’ll get you started tomorrow. The next day, her father set up a grocery store. But from morning till evening no one came to his shop. He said it has been all day today nobody came to my shop. And my shop is also much better than his shop, does not mean or work is right for me, I would have spent all my time like this. Then he closed the sweet shop and came to his father and said:
Dad, no one came to my shop all day today. This job is not good. Let me do something else.

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His father said:

That crazy man will sell all your stuff in one day. It takes years for people to go somewhere and set up work, then one day the shop is closed.

Metha: Dad, please let me do something else. This job is against my personnel. Please, Dad, try to understand.

Dad: Don’t pretend to be well-educated Do what I told you to do Otherwise, return the money I have invested. Otherwise, I can say that you are not my son and And what I haven’t eaten from you is a plate to come and eat at my shop tomorrow.I will get you out of my property,

Metha: Dad did not go after money I’ll tell you how you can get out. Get our DNA tested. And what property do you have but a broken chair and a Stick?

His father said: Disgraced man to be expelled.

When he heard this, he said:

Now I will show you how to become something and keep this food shop with you. Now I am going and see you after getting rich.
After saying this, he left and sold the shop for a small amount of money and said:

Now I will do a little less with this money. When Wu passed by, he saw that: A man is surviving a watermelon. So Wu hurried to him and said: Brother, make a plate.

The watermelon seller said:

Make good brother

Metha: Brother, your work is going very well. You bring this watermelon.


Brother, the work is going well. I bring these watermelons from the market and then I cool them and save them.

Metha: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like IT ain’t for me either I am also thinking, start such a job, then I will start another job until I become rich.
After saying this, he became sweet and asked the watermelon bit: Hey brother How are watermelons given.

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The watermelon seller said:

Brother good Watermelon Rs 100 kg bad Watermelon Rs 30 kg was added.

Metha: There is a difference between good watermelon and dirty watermelon. The watermelon owner has seen it as a good and dirty watermelon And also told the difference. Good watermelon is more red and dirty watermelon is less red.

MethaI started thinking that if I could take a dirty watermelon and sell it in red, I would make more profit. And my dream of becoming rich will come true soon. Thinking this, he took a bad watermelon and poured red chemicals on it. He started to cut it and escape.

Then a policeman came to his shop and said:

Make a plate. Hearing this, he made a plate. When the policeman did eat watermelon, he tasted very bad because of the chemical.

Seeing this, the policeman said angrily:

What’s in it tastes so bad. Tell me where you have bought it, or else go with me to the police station. Time went to Metha and he told the police ring all the truth. The policeman shaved her a lot that Methey remembered her grandmother.

The Story Of A Greedy Watermelon | Moral Stories in Urdu/Hindi

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