Molvi Usman Asim Tiktok Star Biography, Wife, Id, Age, Accident, Pics: Hello friends! My name is Sidra Malik. And today I will tell you about Molvi Usman Tiktok Star Biography. Let’s see how they are on social media and if Allah has given them so much respect.

Molvi Usman Tiktok Star Biography, Wife, Id, Age, Accident, Pics

  • Real Name: Malik Usman Asim
  • Well-known as: MolviUsman
  • TikTok ID: @usmanasim66
  • Present Age: 29 years
  • Bate of Birth: 09-02-1991
  • Place of Birth: Wazirabad
  • Religion: Islam
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Weight: 69 Kg
  • Height: 6 Feet 2 Inch
  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Popularity: TikTok
  • Hobbies: Acting: Video Making
  • Popularity Reason: Funny Acting
  • TikTok Fans: 7.5 Million
  • Tiktok Total Hearts: 375.1 Million
  • Profession: TikToker
  • Popularity: Famous on Tiktok

Molvi Usman Tiktok Star Birthday and Family Details

Malik Usman is 32 years old. And he is married. He is living with his family in Wazirabad, Pakistan.

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Molvi Usman Tiktok Star as Famous TikTok Star

Malik Usman is famous for his leap-syncing app. And be famous all over Pakistan. Malik Usman is one of the famous Tactical Stars Who have millions of fans. he is a Pakistani because of his amazing looks, cute smile, acting, laps performance style performances. Known as the Tik Tak star. Malik Usman Famous Tik Toker Star Artistic Character is known for his personal interest and interest level.

Style of Molvi Malik Usman

Molvi Malik is a TikTok star in it, he has millions of fans, and people like him very much. Success story star’s love And looks at the style of thinking Jinhu achieved countless feats and promotion surfaces in Tik Tok world. Tik Tok star owner Usman’s unique style is loved by almost every man and child of Pakistan and he is also very famous. On the path of her career, she did not become famous at all for many months but did not stop to take that decision. And finally, he became famous.

The Personality of the Malik Usman

The owner was pa***ing a very simple life in it. But now: A famous Tik Tok star has become and there are millions of fans everywhere. It has created many videos on Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram. Now the owner Usman Molvi is earning millions from Tik Tok And now has become a rich man. He is earning millions of rupees from tik tok videos. He is also interested in participating in other events.

The Popularity of Molvi Usman Asim

His journey from an ordinary person to becoming a star was very interesting. Famous star Malik Usman Maulvi has gained a lot of popularity since the beginning of his career. He is famous for fighting the challenges of the people. And their trappings have often rewarded them. Famous on YouTube Watch videos of famous star Malik Usman Maulvi and watch videos of different styles of your best time star These include artistic videos to meet people’s challenges of a stylish kind of walk.

Activities of Famous star Malik Usman Molvi

Famous star Malik Usman Maulvi has made several videos. His style impressed his fans and he fully supported famous star Malik Usman Molvi. People tried to copy the famous star Malik Usman Molvi but to date, no one has been able to compete with him. Different TikTok stars like them very much and takes their selfies with them.


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