Mohit Agarwal Wife Vandana Agarwal: Was He Married Before Death? Family And Net Worth

Mohit Agarwal

Mohit Agarwal wife, Vandana Agarwal, is devasted by the death of her husband, who just passed away at the age of 36 following a heart attack. Let’s know his married life and net worth.

Mohit Agarwal was the founder of mepl classes and a first-class St. Xavier’s College graduate. By profession, he was a Chartered Accountant. 

Also, he was Company Secretary and was placed on the merit list (RANK HOLDER), ensuring ALL INDIA HIGHEST in Auditing and Assurance at the final level.

Due to his amazing work, Mohit was able to win multiple awards, including the Institute for his ALL INDIA RANK 1. Since 2007, he also has experience in teaching accountancy, Law, and Audit to students of highly competitive courses like CA, CS &CMA.

Mohit Agarwal Wife Vandana Agarwal: Married Life Before Death

Mohit Agarwal was a married man and was survived by his beloved wife, Vandana Agarwal. There is not much info about their married life, but we can be clear that they have been sharing the relationship of a husband and a wife for a long time.

Mohit Agarwal Wife
Mohit Agarwal was married to his wife who goes by the name of Vandana Agarwal. ( Source: Twitter )

He was a family man, and Agarwal spent most of his spare time with them. Agarwal was active on various social media platforms, and he used to share some snaps with his wife on his Facebook account, where he has gained huge followers.

The married duo went to many places together, and Mohit didn’t hesitate to showcase his love life to the world. But Mohit’s wife is currently mourning the death of her husband.

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Did Mohit Agarwal Have Kids? A Look At His Family Life

Yes, Mohit Agarwal and his wife had already started their own family. On Facebook, Mohit has a post shared with a child who seems to be his daughter. However, his son’s name is not available in the public domain.

Furthermore, Mohit was a family man, and he was born to loving parents, Asha Agarwal (Mother) and Pramod Agarwal (Father). According to his Facebook bio, his siblings are Dipak Agarwal, Yash Agarwal, and Divya Agarwal.

Mohit Agarwal son
Mohit Agarwal and his wife were the parents of a daughter. ( Source: Facebook )

Moreover, Mohit was based in Calcutta, India and was doing well professionally. The Agarwal family is mourning the death of Mohit as he passed away at the age of 36 following a heart attack in Pune. His death came on April 1, as reported by some online posts.

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How Much Was CA Mohit Agarwal Net Worth Before Death?

Mohit Agarwal had a decent fortune which he earned from being a CA. It is reported that a person working as a CA has an average salary of over Rs. 7 lakhs. So, we speculate that Mohit may have earned in the same range.

Meanwhile, Agarwal worked at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He was also the mentor, founder, and chief educator of MEPL Classes. 

CA Mohit Agarwal
CA Mohit Agarwal was an educator who taught many students. ( Source: Instagram )

He was also educating people from various sources, including YouTube, where he has gained more than 284k subscribers. Social Blade has estimated his monthly earnings to be $198 – $3.2K, and yearly earnings are $2.4K – $38K.

So, considering his career earnings, we can say that Mohit had a substantial net worth, but the actual figure remains under review. Genius Celebs also pay tribute to the late soul. 

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