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Mian Kashif Zameer

Mian Kashif Zameer Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Lifestyle, History, Wife, Business: Friends, wearing 2 kg gold and getting addicted to diamond jewels and moving around in big Cars, Rich Tiktok Star Mian Kashif Zameer Who gives gifts to millions of people, today we were told about this life story of you.

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Mian Kashif Zameer Personal Info

Name Details
Tik Tok Name Kashif Zameer
Real Name Mian Kashif Zameer
Profession(s) Instagram Star, Tiktok Star, Business
Birthday Feb 09, 1990
Age 30 years (As in 2021)
Gender Male
Birthplace Lahore Or Pindi Pakistan
Hometown Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian

He lives in Lahore, Kashif Zameer 1990, born in Pindi or Faisalabad, and his age is about 30 years.

Who Is Mian Kashif?

Mian Kashif Zameer is the reach-est man in Pakistan. Mian Kashif Zameer Net worth In 2021 is 10K To 100K USA Dollars.

Kashif Zameer Father Name And Business:

Name Details
Parents Father: NA
Mother: NA
Sibling(s) Brother(s)

Mian Kashif Zameer Father

When I talk about the family of Kashif Zameer, Kashif Zameer, Father was a session judge and he also has his own business. After Father’s death, only Kashif took over the business. And taking them to the height, He played Good character.

Kashif Zameer Education:

No one has come to know about its training so far, if any brother knows this work, then he should definitely tell in the comment.
he also has a friendship with the political donations from Zamir and told him the answer to a question Say that she belongs to the political groups of Pakistan.

Does Kashif Zameer wear so much gold?

Kashif was asked in an interview Why are you wearing so much gold So he answered When he was 14 years old, he has since become fond of wearing gold. And just then I did not put my wish to fulfill. Here, let me tell you that Kashif sees about 2 crore gold at all times.

Kashif Zameer Security

Friends, when you will be so rich, then it also becomes your responsibility to protect your life. By the way, safeguard is known by Allah But to try humanly, he has also kept an African Gord with him. To whom he also pays 100000 rope months. Apart from this, security has also been provided to them by the government.

Kashif Zameer Tiktok

The number of followers of Kashif’s Tiktok is 1 million +. And the number of likes is 16 million +. And now he is rapidly becoming viral on Tik Tok.

Mian Kashif Arrested and Ertugrul/Engin Altan

Kashif Zameer met Altan, the hero of the famous drama Artugrul, in Turkey And gave him a feast for Pakistan to become his company’s brand amba***ador. Which he accepted and also brought Pakistan in December 2020. You remember this help 17 I got done in Pakistani ropey. And the responsibility of Altan’s security was also supported by Kashif Jamir. Not only this, Kashif Zameer will also gift a ring made of gold and diamond to Altan. The value of which was 60 lakh rupees.And it was used in the drama Ertugrul. And he will also be Fraudwith Altan.

Kashif Zameer Lifestyle:

Kashif has also grown a lion is very loyal to them. Because of being so rich, He said: Say she gives both tax and zakat on time. To date, they have not got any notice. Apart from this, They have a watch worth Rs 10 million and cars worth Rs 10 million. For this reason, he also has a good friendship with many actors.
After all, they said that only with the help of poor people you can achieve success. All of Kashif’s wealth is his own hard work it’s decided of you tell in the comment below thanks.

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