Maguad Siblings Video Went Viral On Twitter, Maguad Siblings Murder Case, Offered 200000 Pesos Reward, Suspect Name: The municipal council of M’lang, in the north of Cotabato, through the deputy city administrator Joselito Piñol, offered a reward of 200,000 pesos to anyone who applies to the authorities for special bodies. The brothers’ attackers were killed at their home in Barang*** Bagontapay on Friday. On December 10, the 18-year-old Crizzle Gwynn brothers and their younger brother were fatally wounded by 3 unidentified men at their home in Barang*** Bagontapay at around 2 pm.

Maguad Siblings Leaked Video

Each of the eldest brothers was absent from her death; However, they had a visit, an orphan who was taking in his elders since July 2021. Police investigators found broken bottles, a knife, a hammer, and some lumber.

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Near the lifeless bodies of his children, he told police that he was hiding when the attackers entered and secured the door. He also told the police that 3 men broke into his home.

Mr. Maguad, a teacher at Mariano Untal Memorial High School, repaired some buildings in Buayán Elementary School, wherever his adult wife Lovella is, so the headmaster saw his children bathed in his own blood, Crizzle with multiple bruises and wounds inside completely the various components of his body that lie in front of the second door.

He said the SITG intended to expedite the investigation of the crime by confirming evidence and testimony from potential witnesses.

Maguad Siblings Suspects Names Revealed

the victims and their loved ones in need of an incredible wound. We would like to express our condolences to the family of the victim. At 3:15 pm he took over her house, even when he opened the door he saw a blood-soaked blanket and a knife on the doorstep.

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The Celtic deity Crizzlle and Janice responded to their study modules in an area after and discovered Crizvlle’s scream from the living room.

The survivor is currently in the care of the municipal financial aid office. When the crime occurred, a pair of pants and underwear with bloodstains in the same bag was found by the Crime Scene Agent (SOCO) near the irrigation canal.

This is a really terrible situation and people from all over the world are reacting to this dreadful and disheartening cirC***stance.

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