Magical Fan Story | Moral Story | Kids Stories | English Stories

Magical Fan Story | Moral Story | Kids Stories | English Stories

Magical Fan Story | Moral Story | Kids Stories | English Stories: Hello friends, my name is Sidra Malik and you are looking at Friends, as you know, we bring something new every day for you to have a good time. So that you have a good time. Today we will tell you the story of two brothers.

Magical Fan Story | Moral Story | Kids Stories | English Stories

I used to have 2 brothers, one brother was very poor and one brother was very rich. The elder brother was very proud of his wealth and did not help his younger brother (Shani). One day on the day of Eid, all the people of the village were celebrating.But the other (Shani’s) house also had nothing to eat. Younger brother (Shani) did not think: I should go and ask my brother for help.

Thinking this, he went to his Big brother’s house and said:

Brother, I want to help you. Even on Eid, my home is nothing to eat. My children are hungry. After saying this, he started crying but his elder brother did not feel sorry for him and got angry with him and sent him back empty handed. Even the youngest (Shani) was sad and flew back, so he met an old man on the way,

The elderly told Shani:

Tell me how Why are you feeling so sad today even on the day of Eid. Say son, why are you sad, why are you crying.

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(Shani) neither told his sad story to the elderly. Elder, don’t eat so that your son will not be disturbed Come to my house and I will show you a way that you will not have to ask for anything today or later. (Shani) Neither the mother took the elder’s word and went to his house with the elder.

After reaching home, the elder said:

Son, you just stopped, I just came. After saying this, the old man went to his house and after a while came back with a box of sweets, and said:

Now you take a box of sweets and go to the next forest. There will be a cave. Going inside it, you will find small dwarfs in Asghar. They like this dessert very much, take it, I want to give anything in return for this sweet. You ask me for a magic fan in exchange for sweets. (Shani) obeyed that old man And he reached the forest with the sweets and he saw the cave and he went inside the cave.

There, this poor man (Shani) saw these dwarfs and one of them said:

Oh, that sweet dessert, you can give me this sweet, I would like to give you something instead of this sweet. (Shani) said:
Yes, I will give you this sweet, but instead of this, I should use a magic fan. Will you give it to me
The dwarf said:

Yes, yes, I must give it but remember, if you want anything, you can ask for it Let this fan help you But remember to put a red cloth on it whenever you want to stop it, otherwise it will continue.
Shani took the box of sweets with magic wings on the left and walked towards the house.

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When he reached home, he first said to the magic fan:

Put the fan to give good food, rice, bread. So Shani immediately put a red cloth on him So the fan was turned off. After that, Shani’s family did not eat and slept.
And then Shani Rose would ask for something like this fan and then she would go to the market to sell it. In a few days, Shani became even richer than his elder brother. Big brother’s small brother’s wealth began to burn.

He thought:

How did someone who came to me a few days ago to ask for food become so rich today? The older brother secretly looked out the window at the fan to find out about the younger brother Shani.

When Asna saw a gold coin coming out like a fan, he became upset and said:

I think it’s a magic fan but what is it doing to it? The next day when there was no one in Shani’s house, his elder brother sneaks into his house and picks up the magic fan.
And then he sits on the boat with his smell and goes to another village. His wife wondered if it was in the fan that he was taking her home and leaving for another village.

Immediately his wife asked him about the fan and his husband said to the fan at the same time:

Fans I should gold Get started now, So immediately the gold coins from the fan started out There was so much gold that the boat sank. His older brother did not want to stop the fan and his boat sank.

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